Why was Robin working for Slade?

Robin. Slade considered Robin his rival as the leader of the Teen Titans. Slade was impressed by Robin’s abilities, powers, and personality, and wanted him to be his apprentice.

Does Robin work for Slade?

Back in Slade’s lair, Robin has taken off his suit and is now donning one of Slade’s uniforms. Slade declares that Robin is now his apprentice, ending the episode in a cliffhanger.

Is Starfire evil in Titans?

In the original series episode, “Revved Up”, Starfire masqueraded as a villain known as the Dr. Amazing Mumgon the Terrible.

Does Terra work for Slade?

Terra returned to the Titans and joined the team – but was secretly working with Slade to destroy the Titans from within. Despite her mission, Terra began to doubt her loyalties; Just as romance with Beast Boy blossomed, Terra was exposed as a traitor.

Is Slade a predator?

Slade is like a real life predator or abuser implanted into a kids show, he doesn’t mix with the overall silliness and goofiness of Teen Titans and their usual villains. He remains throughout the show a very serious, cold and humourless character.

What are Slade’s powers?

―Slade [src] Enhanced Physical Capabilities: Slade possesses great strength and endurance, such as the power to leave a huge dent in solid steel with one hit, seen in Apprentice Part II when battling Robin and aiming to punch him instead.

Is Slade a good fighter?

Master combatant: In addition to his great strength, Slade is also a nimble fighter, demonstrating his superior agility in combat on numerous occasions and has been shown to be able to move faster than even Robin during their brief scuffle in “Apprentice – Part 2”.

How did Slade help Terra defeat the Titans?

During this time, Slade had crafted a new suit for Terra, one bearing his insignia, and was able to access her powers to assist her in combat, and to an extent, control her. With Slade’s help, Terra mercilessly defeated the Titans, who were reluctant to fight their old friend, and were focused on trying to redeem her rather than defeat her.

Why is Slade so powerful in Super Metroid?

Vast resources: Slade has extensive resources at his disposal, which includes armies of robot commandos, highly advanced technology, secret bases, and dangerous weapons to make use of as he sees fit. As Trigon ‘s second in command, Slade was granted the ability to fly, teleport, phase through objects, and control demonic fire.