Which valve is best for steam line?

As globe valves excel at regulating flow, they are the most commonly used control valve for modulating purposes. Because of this, globe valves are often our go-to recommendation for steam applications.

What are the 5 valve groups?

Isolation Valves: Ball, butterfly, diaphragm, gate, pinch, piston, and plug valves. Regulation Valves: Ball, butterfly, diaphragm, globe, needle, pinch, and plug valves. Safety Relief Valves: Pressure release and vacuum relief valves. Non-Return Valves: Swing check and lift check valves.

Can you use a brass valve for steam?

Typical connections for steam valve are threaded, flanged, or compression fitted. Materials of construction can be aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, copper, steel, and stainless steel.

Can butterfly valves be used for steam?

Butterfly valves are utilized in a variety of applications. They are ideal for slurry and large volume water applications. These are also used in other applications such as vacuum services, compressed air or gas applications, and high-temperature and high-pressure water and steam services.

What is the difference between globe valve and butterfly valve?

In general, a globe valve is mainly used for the open/close and flow regulation of small diameter pipe (branch pipe) or pipe end, the butterfly valve is used for open and close and flow regulation of branch pipe.

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