Which city is Auraiya?

Auraiya is a city and a municipal board in Auraiya district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. NH 19 passes through the center of the town. Phaphund railway station is nearest Railway Station….

Auraiya Location in Uttar Pradesh, India
Coordinates:26.47°N 79.52°E
Country India
State Uttar Pradesh

What is the area of Auraiya?

793 mi²Auraiya / Area
The Auraiya District covers an area of 2,054 km2 (793 sq mi), of which more than one-third is designated rural. The main rivers which flows through the district are Yamuna and Senger. The total length of the Yamuna in the district is about 112 km.

What is Auraiya famous for?

The Auraiya district is located in the southern part of the state. Animal husbandry is very prominent here. The district is a major producer of pure desi ghee. The ghee produced here is also sent to other states for sale.

How many villages are there in Auraiya?

There are about 411 villages in Auraiya tehsil, which you can browse from auraiya tehsil villages list (with gram panchayat) below.

What language is spoken in Auraiya?

western Hindi
Language and Script. The language of practically the entire population is what is known as western Hindi. The returns of the census 1981 showed that this language was spoken by about 96.8 per cent of the population. In 1971, the percentage of Hindi speaking persons was 96.4.

Who is MP of Auraiya?

Auraiya (Assembly constituency)

Constituency details
Current MLA Gudiya Katheriya
Party Bharatiya Janta Party
Elected year 2017

Is Auraiya a district?

ABOUT DISTRICT On 17th September,1997 two tehsils named Auraiya and Bidhuna were seperated from district Etawah to form the new district named as Auraiya. It is situated on National Highway no. 2 (Mughal Sarai Road) and 64 km. in the east of district headquarter of Etawah and 105 km.

Who is the SDM of Auraiya?

Shri Prakash Chandra Srivastava (I.A.S.)

How many Panchayat are there in Auraiya district?

District Auraiya has following Block and Gram Panchayats

Teshil Block Gram Panchayat
Auraiya 2 168
Bidhuna 4 239
Ajitmal 1 67

How many blocks are there in Auraiya district?

7 Blocks
Auraiya having 7 Blocks named Ajitmal, Bhagyanagar, Sahar, Bidhuna, Achalda, Erwakatra and Auraiya.

What is the population of Etawah?

Etawah district is one of the districts in the western portion of Uttar Pradesh state of India. Etawah town is the district headquarters. The district covers an area of 2311 km2. It has a population of 1,581,810.

Which district is Oriya?

Oriya is located in district Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.