Essay writing is a popular activity faced by most students. Most often, essays can be used in the form of homework, part of the tests, and, of course, as one of the checks in the case of admission to University.

I found a fascinating text, which tells about the works of which forms are used in most cases, and shows tips in the field of writing these texts. I present to your attention a suitable (and updated) version of the above text.

What does essay mean

Essay – one of the genres of written works, which is similar to the usual “essay-reasoning.” During the submission of this document, the task of the writer is quite often to convey his view and prove it. In other cases – to analyze some subject of discussion with the purpose to give to the reader space for own conclusions.

The above gives some imprint on the image of the narrative. Often the narrative in the first person singular, the letter often applied connective expressions is emotional expression and metaphor.

There are quite a lot of essays of all kinds – in various sources distinguish from a number of leading, up to ten and above. Now we will focus on the basic types of essays.

Narrative works

One of the more common types of essays. In the preparation of this material, the writer is obliged to tell a story that is based on the experience of life. Such narratives almost always give the first-person mode, and the story leads to genuine insights.

Descriptive works

In this case, the main goal is to draw a picture for the reader by means of expressions. As a rule, the Creator paints situations, people or objects, laying in ordinary descriptions a much more complete meaning. Sometimes these words have an impact on the feelings of readers, the goal is also to bring people to some results on the basis of what they read.

Analytical works

Essays of this type usually include the study of a particular problem, which is done by means of data, statistical facts and figures, footnotes to various surveys and reports. More precisely, there are precedents more significant than emotions in descriptive essays. Because of this, even during the story in the first person, the writer is forced to avoid expressing his judgment or expression of existing emotions.

Persuasive essays

As it is clear from the name, the main task of the essay of this class is to assure the reader of something, using materials, logic and explanations related to the subject matter. In these works, it is optimal to use expert opinions, practical examples, etc.

As mentioned above, there are many more forms of essays, but these are the main ones.