When did Honda stop making XR 400?

In 2004 Honda discontinued the XR400R.

How much horsepower does a XR 400 have?

Honda XR 400R

Make Model Honda XR 400R
Max Power 34.3 hp / 24.8 kW @ 7000 rpm
Max Torque 33 Nm / 24.3 lb-ft @ 5500 rpm
Clutch Multi-plate, wet
Transmission 5 Speed

How fast is a Honda 400R?

Honda XR 400R

Make Model Honda XR 400R
Wet Weight 125 kg / 276 lbs
Fuel Capacity 9.5 Litres / 2.5 US gal
Standing ¼ Mile 14.8 sec / 132 km/h
Top Speed 137 km/h / 85 mph

What does XR mean in Honda?

XR= Cross country racer. XRL= Cross country/ Street legal. CR= Course racer. CRF= Course racer four stroke.

How much does a XR400 weight?

While we are talking weight, the XR comes in at a respectable 120 kilos or 265 lbs. – fine for the age of the machine, but at least ten kilos over more modern machinery and that’s before you add fluids – reliability comes at a price!

How much horsepower does a xr650l have?

40 horsepower
2021 Honda XR650L Specifications

Power 40 horsepower
Bore x Stroke 100mm x 82mm
Compression Ratio 8.3:1
Fuel System 42.5mm diaphragm-type CV carburetor

How fast can an XR 400 go?

Stock, according to sprocket specialists, is 15/45. That got the bike absolutely screaming @ 70+mph, which may be fine for short stints but 15 miles at a time don’t cut it.

Is the XR650L street legal?

The XR650L is a dual-sport motorcycle manufactured by Honda, part of the Honda XR series. It was released in 1992 as a 1993 model. It combines the RFVC engine from the proven NX650 Dominator dual sport with the lighter, off-road capable XR600R chassis, which is not road legal in the US (the XR600R).