Where did the UVF get weapons?

The USC was largely recruited from former Ulster Volunteers. In 1940 the rifles were released to arm the British Home Guard after the Battle of France. They were first fired in action during the East African Campaign of 1940-41, arming the militias of Haile Selassie I.

What weapons did the UVF use?

It used submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, grenades (including homemade grenades), incendiary bombs, booby trap bombs and car bombs. Referring to its activity in the early and mid-1970s, journalist Ed Moloney described no-warning pub bombings as the UVF’s “forte”.

What year was the Howth gun running?

The Howth gun-running (/ˈhoʊθ/ HOHTH) involved the delivery of 1,500 Mauser rifles to the Irish Volunteers at Howth harbour in Ireland on 26 July 1914. The unloading of guns from a private yacht during daylight hours attracted a crowd, and the authorities ordered police and military intervention.

How did the UVF get guns?

An historic rifle thought to have been smuggled into Larne for the UVF nearly 100 years ago has been found in an east Belfast attic. The County Antrim port was the scene of gun-running in 1914 when loyalists imported guns and ammunition from Germany to prepare to resist Home Rule for Ireland.

Where did loyalists get weapons from?

According to a number of those involved in the shipment, the weapons were provided by Armscor, the arms sales and procurement corporation of apartheid-era South Africa.

Who is the leader of the UVF?

Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), Protestant paramilitary organization founded in Northern Ireland in 1966. Its name was taken from a Protestant force organized in 1912 to fight against Irish Home Rule. Augustus (Gusty) Spence was the group’s best-known leader.

What happened to Erskine Childers?

Execution. Childers was executed on 24 November 1922, by firing squad at the Beggars Bush Barracks in Dublin. Before his execution he shook hands with the firing squad.

Who owned the Asgard?

nationalist Erskine Childers
Asgard is a 51-foot (16 m) gaff-rigged yacht. She was owned by the English-born writer and Irish nationalist Erskine Childers and his wife Molly Childers.

Who formed the National Volunteers?

The National Volunteers were the product of the Irish political crisis over the implementation of Home Rule in 1912–14. The Third Home Rule Bill had been proposed in 1912 (and was subsequently passed in 1914) under the British Liberal government, after a campaign by John Redmond and the Irish Parliamentary Party.

Who supplied loyalists with guns?

By Ivan Little. Victims’ campaigner Willie Frazer distributed assault rifles and rocket launchers from Ulster Resistance to loyalist paramilitaries who used them in more than 70 murders, according to a new BBC documentary.

Does Ulster Resistance still exist?

After the Paris revelations, the group largely faded into the shadows, where they remain. A small group broke away, naming themselves Resistance. It is believed to have joined the Combined Loyalist Military Command, although it has long since faded.