What was the result of the coal strike of 1902?

The unions were willing to negotiate but the coal miners refused to participate in the conciliation process until President Roosevelt intervened. The Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902 resulted in a victory for the hard-coal miners with a 10% increase in wages and an hours reduction in their working day.

What was significant about the way the 1902 coal strike was settled quizlet?

What was significant about the way the 1902 coal strike was settled? That disputes could be settled in an orderly way with the help of experts such as those on the arbitration commission.

Was the 1902 coal strike successful?

This strike was successfully mediated through the intervention of the federal government, which strove to provide a “Square Deal”—which Roosevelt took as the motto for his administration—to both sides.

How did Roosevelt help coal miners during the 1902 strike?

Roosevelt attempted to persuade the union to end the strike with a promise that he would create a commission to study the causes of the strike and propose a solution, which Roosevelt promised to support with all of the authority of his office.

How did Theodore Roosevelt change the role of the president in the federal government quizlet?

How did Roosevelt change the role of the federal government during his first Hundred Days? FDR expanded the role of the government through programs designed to restore public confidence and provide jobs.

Why was the coal strike of 1902 so important?

The victory in the anthracite coalfields breathed new life into the American labor movement. 55 It strengthened moderate labor leaders and progressive businessmen who championed negotiations as a way to labor peace. It enhanced the reputation of President Theodore Roosevelt.

Which president was called the accidental president?


What happened in the coal strike of 1902?

The coal strike of 1902. The strike of 1900 was the prelude to a larger drama–the great anthracite coal strike of 1902. Restless miners demanded more pay and shorter hours, while the mine operators complained that profits were low, and that the union destroyed discipline.

What did Roosevelt say about strikes in the 1902 election?

The draft of his statement to the coal operators and union leaders at the temporary White House on October 3, 1902, stated that “no precedent of interference in strikes will be created.” But Roosevelt knew he was breaking new ground, and he deleted this sentence from his final speech.

What was the result of the miners’strike of 1902?

The miners struck on May 12, 1902. There was hope for a settlement as long as firemen, engineers, and pumpmen remained at work. But when these maintenance crews walked out on June 2, both sides settled down for a long and bitter fight.

What was the political climate of the coal strike of 1900?

The political climate had changed between the coal strikes of 1900 and 1902. McKinley had been assassinated, and Hanna had lost much of his influence. Theodore Roosevelt, who stepped into the breach, believed that both capital and labor had responsibilities to the public. President Roosevelt was an activist who itched to enter the fray.