The number of people applying to university, college or a graduate school has been growing with each passing year. One of the challenges an applicant can face is writing a personal statement. The personal statement is a way to present yourself to the college admission staff and inform them about your ambitions, goals and personality. At first glance it seems easy but a personal statement should be sound persuasive enough for you to be admitted.

Skills You Need to Write A Personal Statement

  • Creativity

‘From a young age I have always been interested in…’ If you really want to write, you better think twice. Your paper should stand out. It reflects you and you are different from other people. Try to approach writing your personal statement in a creative way. At the same time, try to keep your language simple, avoid complex metaphors which are not necessary here.

  • Logic

Your personal statement should adhere to a structure since it will demonstrate that you can organize both your writing and your own thoughts. If you’re a making a statement about your skills, support them with your personal experience, be specific about reasons for you to be admitted. The short and concise sentences should be linked to each other. Express yourself clearly.

  • Ambition

The personal statement should convince the admission staff that you are suitable for them, that you are ready to study and grow. Write “but”, remember, there should be a balance between modesty and pride. Set realistic goals for yourself. Express confidence, not arrogance.

Why Do Students Struggle with Personal Statements

A lot of emotional pressure is being put on the applicants. They know that a written personal statement is the only way to introduce themselves to the place they want to study. But what if they don’t meet the requirements? What if the admission committee isn’t satisfied? It is hard to be creative when you are under pressure, isn’t it?

It is also about balance: avoid clichés, but make your statement structural. Be creative, but avoid showing off. Come across as ambitious but don’t brag.  Looking for the answer, students find the solution in seeking help from personal statement services. Nowadays they are a thriving business and students may pick a personal statement service, that they find suitable and reliable.

The Reasons Students Buy their Personal Statements

  1. Students are provided with professional help. When you are supposed to do something as important as a personal statement on your own, you cannot avoid making mistakes, which may cost you an admission. In addition to writing your paper, many personal statement services may help you to correct mistakes in the draft you’ve written.
  2. The statement is customized to reflect your personality. A reliable service sends you a questionnaire, you need to complete, in order to make your statement as personal as it could ever be. Experts will always be in touch with you, adjusting your statement according to your requirements.
  3. Each statement is original. Nowadays plagiarism is strictly prohibited, so experts do their best writing a unique paper and then check it with the special software and manually. So, if you are not sure, whether you are creative enough, it may be a good choice to look for help or inspiration.

Writing a personal statement is an important step in the field of education, it is stressful or complicated for many students. Asking for assistance helps students to get through challenges and be admitted to a university or a college they want to.