What was the last game Derek Jeter was in?

On September 25, 2014, Jeter played the final game of his 20-year career at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Â And, in usual Jeter style, he did it in the most amazing way. With the game tied between the Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles, the legendary voice announced: Derek Jeter, number 2 Derek Jeter.

Who was Derek Jeter’s last game against?

the Orioles
Buck Showalter would talk about the baseball gods after Jeter played his last home game at the new Stadium. But they were all there the night of Sept. 25, 2014, ghosts and the gods, Jeter against the Orioles of Buck Showalter, his first manager in the big leagues 20 years earlier.

When was Derek Jeter’s last home run?

8. Jeter’s Final Career Hit (Sept. 28, 2014)

What was Derek Jeter’s last at bat?

The last time “The Captain” wore his cherished pinstripes was an emotional night. In Derek Jeter’s final game, Sept. 25, 2014, 48,613 fans packed Yankee Stadium to catch their last Bronx glimpse of one of the best shortstops in the game.

What happened to Derek Jeters 3000 hit ball?

Derek Jeter has his 3,000-hit ball. Christian Lopez, who came up with it in the left-field stands, traded it for New York Yankees memorabilia and tickets worth $180,000 less because he sees it as the right thing to do.

Where is Derek Jeter now?

Derek Jeter Was Once the Captain. But Now He’s the Apprentice. In his new role as the baseball chief of the Marlins, Jeter has gutted the team, and only time will tell the wisdom of his early moves. The goal, Jeter said in a 2020 interview after the Marlins reached the playoffs, was to build something lasting.

Is Derek Jeter the best baseball player ever?

So yeah, Derek Jeter wasn’t the best at anything in baseball but he was just enough above average and just enough of a showman that he stood out and was a safe, media friendly ambassador for the sport who also happened to have been drafted by and played for and been a good player for the most high profile and successful team in the sport during his tenure.

Is Derek Jeter a good player?

Derek Jeter was an extremely good defensive shortstop. He had great range, a good glove and good speed, balance and agility. These qualities helped to offset his one noted weakness, namely an average throwing arm. Long throws from deep short, and throws on the run were his main weakness.

Did Derek Jeter make it to the Hall of Fame?

Yankees star Derek Jeter inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame Former Yankees shortstop and captain Derek Jeter, Colorado star Larry Walker, Ted Simmons of the Cardinals and Brewers, and the late labor executive Marvin Miller have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame By JOHN KEKIS AP Sports Writer September 8, 2021, 6:21 PM

Will Derek Jeter go to the Hall of Fame?

— For how smoothly Derek Jeter sailed into the Baseball Hall of Fame, actually getting his day here has been a bit more treacherous. But after two delays, No. 2 will finally join the best of the best on Wednesday afternoon when he is enshrined as a Hall of Famer during a ceremony at the Clark Sports Center.