What R-value is Expol?

At a thickness of 50mm, EXPOL ThermaSlab S delivers an R-value of 1.32 and ThermaSlab H delivers an R-Value of 1.39. An exceptionally durable product, EXPOL ThermaSlab (EPS – Standard Expanded Polystyrene Sheet) does not require maintenance or replacement.

What is Expol made of?

EXPOL when total performance counts. EXPOL has a wide range of solutions made possible by the dynamic nature of Expanded Polystyrene and Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) foams. All EXPOL products are tested by a variety of institutions, including BRANZ and OPUS, to ensure quality and reliability.

How do you calculate underfloor insulation?

Calculating the Underfloor Area to be Insulated

  1. Measure the outside perimeter of the entire house (1)
  2. Measure and note down the dimensions (width x length) of any inaccessible areas (2)
  3. (1) minus (2) = total underfloor area to be insulated.

What is the difference between XPS and EPS?

XPS is manufactured in a continuous extrusion process that produces a closed cell form of foam insulation. EPS, on the other hand, is manufactured by expanding spherical beads in a mold and then using heat and pressure to fuse the beads together. Each product has proponents claiming one out performs the other.

What does expanded polystyrene look like?

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) refers to a rigid, tough and lightweight thermoplastic product. EPS is generally white and made of pre-expanded polystyrene beads. EPS is ideal for the packaging and construction industries due to its light weight, strong and excellent thermal insulation properties.

Is Expol flammable?

EXPOL UnderFloor insulation is is manufactured with flame retardant and will not support a fire.

Can you use Expol in walls?

Resistant to moisture, EXPOL Platinum Board (Graphite Infused – Premium Expanded Polystyrene Sheet) is an excellent choice for wall cavities as it does not allow moisture to transfer from the exterior cladding to interior wall linings.

How do you use Expol Wireguard?

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  1. Measure several joists using the Easy Measure Ruler.
  2. Fix two Expol fittings on opposite corners of each panel.
  3. Slice the panel if necessary, panel should be approximately 5mm oversize to ensure a firm fit.
  4. Place Expol Wireguard around any cables that come in direct contact with Expol.

Where is Expol fitted in a house?

New Floor Fixings Before floorboards or flooring sheets are installed. Two EXPOL Joist Saddles are required to be fixed diagonally in opposite corners of the space approx 200mm at the end of the joists. Simply slide the saddles over the joist, nail the saddle into the top of joist if required.

How much does underfloor insulation cost?

Expect to pay around $18-23 a square metre to install ceiling insulation and about $19-25 a square metre for underfloor insulation.

How much does it cost to insulate a floor slab?

Levelling and insulation 2W/m2k is possible to achieve for most semi-detached properties using around 100mm of air-based insulation and perseverance. Additionally, insulation can be installed over the exiting concrete slab, or a new one, depending on your preference.