What is there to do in Venice in winter?

10 Reasons to Visit Venice This Winter

  • Venice Carnevale.
  • Campo San Polo Ice Rink.
  • Hot Chocolate at Caffè Florian.
  • Saint Mark’s Basilica.
  • Gondola Rides.
  • Teatro La Fenice.
  • Libreria Acqua Alta.
  • Club del Doge.

Is it worth going to Venice in winter?

Winter is a romantic season in Venice, and the more civilized crowds and lower prices make it an appealing time to visit.

What is there to do in Venice at night?

The 8 Best Things to do at Night in Venice


Is Venice open in the winter?

Even if it does snow in Venice, it is usually just a dusting or 1-2 inches. Whether you are spending 10 days in Italy, have a little more time like 2 weeks, or are renting a car and planning an Italy road trip, you can still visit Venice during the winter with no issues!

Can you go on a gondola in Venice in December?

A gondola ride through the fog of Venetian canals is a magical experience that no one should miss while in Venice during winter. The winter mists can even add an extra layer to the experience as it makes everything appear extremely fuzzy in the winter season.

How do people dress in Venice in winter?

For winter in Venice you want to pack:

  1. Rainproof walking shoes/boots.
  2. Underwear and socks.
  3. Long sleeve tops.
  4. Jeans or long pants.
  5. Tights.
  6. Woolen/winter skirt or dress.
  7. Woolen cardigan/sweater.
  8. Warm winter jacket, waterproof.

Is Venice Nice in January?

The weather in January is not favorable for most tourists. Consequently, you find Venice in a pristine condition in January. The otherwise bustling canals are considerably empty and are at your disposal. If you plan well, Venice in January is the best thing that will happen to you.

Can you walk Venice Beach at night?

Re: Is it safe to walk in Venice Beach at Night? Yes it’s safe to walk to restaurants. Just don’t walk the Boardwalk (not that it’s unsafe, it’s just deserted). The city itself is lively, you’ll see lots of people walking around, to restaurants and bars.

Is Venice open at night?

Venice is not a city for nightlife, so cross late-night bars and clubs off your list of potential things to do in Venice at night–in fact, if you’re looking for traditional nightlife you’ll probably have better luck over in Mestre on the mainland.

What is Venice like at Christmas?

Christmas in Venice? Cold, uncrowded… and magical! With Venice’s already-gorgeous canals, piazzas and ornate architecture lit up with Christmas decorations, the streets less crowded than in the height of the tourist season, and locals doing their Christmas shopping, the holidays make for a fantastic time to visit.

Are there Christmas markets in Venice?

Venice Markets Bartolomeo, Campo San Salvador, Campo San Luca, Campo Manin and Campo Santo Stefano are the main ones to visit for Christmas markets, with some erecting temporary ice rinks so you can enjoy full festive feels.