The name “essay” takes its origin from French and historically returns to the Latin word exagium (reflection). The French word essai perhaps simply to designate words skill testing, trying, draft, history.

The essay is a prosaic article the small size and loose structure that conveys personal memories and observations on the exact time or the cause and certainly does not purport to determine either the full interpretation of the theme.

In the “Explanatory dictionary of foreign words” the story is understood as “a story that explains certain nuances not in a systematic scientific form, but rather in a free form.”

“The great encyclopedic thesaurus” gives this definition: “an Essay is a category of General philosophical, writer-critical, historical-biographical, journalistic prose work that combines the personal view of the Creator with a direct, rather paradoxical writing aimed at everyday speech.”

“A brief literary reference book” clarifies: “an Essay is a prosaic work of small size and light structure, interpreting a particular topic and making the goal to convey their own impressions and judgments, in some way related to it.”

Some signs of essay

  1. The presence of a specific object or task. The work devoted to the analysis of a large scope of topics, absolutely cannot be done in the direction of the essay.
  2. The essay expresses personal memories and points of view to a clear moment or case and does not pretend in advance to predetermine or exhaustive disclosure of the concept.
  3. As a rule, the work presents a new, personally colored text about something, such a work will be philosophical, historical and biographical, journalistic, literary-critical, popular science or purely fictional.
  4. The content of the essay takes into account the first person of the writer – his opinion, thoughts and emotions.

This genre has become practiced in recent years. The Creator of the category essay appears M. Montaigne (“Experiments”, 1580). At the moment, the composition is offered as a homework quite often. It has become one of the Central components of the documentation set (when enrolling in an educational institution or applying for a job). The essay competition allows you to choose the best of the best from the abundance of the best!

It is important to write an essay for a young specialist.

How the applicant was able to submit himself, how he described his own achievements and defeats, allows the employer to establish whether such a person is good enough for the business, whether his experience is sufficient to be realized in the future and be useful to the business.

The task of the essay is to develop such skills as independent inventive thinking and written presentation of their own positions

Writing an essay is very useful, because it allows the author to become skilled in clearly and competently formulate ideas, organize information, use leading terms, point to cause-and-effect relationships, accompany the experience with appropriate examples, argue their own conclusions.

The most vital question for the composition of a young expert is the subject “I and my career”. The subject of the essay is given to the Committee (employer) was simply to assess the properties of the candidate’s thinking, creative talent, interest and potential. The preferred method to achieve this effect is to serve frankly and openly, remaining truthful to yourself. If you are not honest, there is every chance that your work will be considered unnatural.

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