What is the real name of Nargis?

Nargis DuttNargis / Full name

What is Nargis age?

51 years (1929–1981)Nargis / Age at death

Who is Nargis mother?

JaddanbaiNargis / MotherJaddanbai Hussain was an Indian singer, music composer, dancer, actress, filmmaker, and one of the pioneers of Indian cinema. She along with Saraswati Devi was one of the first female music composers in Indian cinema. Wikipedia

Who is the father of Nargis?

Uttamchand MohanchandNargis / Father

Who is Nargis daughter?

Priya Dutt
Namrata Dutt

One year after her death, the Nargis Dutt Memorial Cancer Foundation was established by Sunil Dutt in her memory. Although Nargis’ death is attributed to pancreatic cancer, her daughter, Namrata Dutt Kumar, claimed her mother had successfully fought the cancer but died from a urinary tract infection.

When did Nargis Dutt died?

May 3, 1981Nargis / Date of death

Who is Raj Kapoor wife?

Krishna KapoorRaj Kapoor / Wife (m. 1946–1988)

What is the age of Krishna Kapoor?

87 years (1930–2018)Krishna Kapoor / Age at death

Why is Nargis famous in Bollywood?

Although Nargis had a desire to become a doctor, yet as per the wish of her mother, she decided to build her career in the film Industry of India. Her movies broke the records of the big screen’s history and touched the heights of the sky due to her remarkable beauty and exceptional talent. She was in deep love with actor Raj Kapoor.

Was Nargis famous in Greek movies?

The Indian actress Nargis made her only appearance in a Greek film in So Many Dreams on the Streets (1968). Her movies were popular in Greece. Formed one of the most popular Hindi on-screen couples with Raj Kapoor. Off-screen, she was deeply in love with the already married Raj Kapoor. In Mother India (1957), she played Sunil Dutt ‘s mother.

Who is Nargis?

(November 2018) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) Nargis (Urdu: نرگس) is a Pakistani film actress and stage dancer and mujra performer. She has acted in more than 104 films in her film career spanning from 1993 to 2018, and was the highest-paid stage artist across the country in 2016.

Who is the most famous actress in Bollywood?

Nargis is one of the most successful superstars of Indian Cinema. She worked in more than 51 movies and is remembered as a legend of Bollywood . Apart from an actress, she was also a social worker who worked as a patron for the spastic children in the ‘Spastics Society of India.’