What is FIPS code in census?

GNIS Codes

Topic FIPS
Geographic Hierarchy of Data Smaller geographic areas are codified to include codes for larger geographic areas within which they nest.
Number of Characters Varies depending on level of geography (ie states have 2-digit codes, counties have 5-digit codes and places have 7-digit codes).

What is a state FIPS number?

FIPS state codes were numeric and two-letter alphabetic codes defined in U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard Publication (“FIPS PUB”) 5-2 to identify U.S. states and certain other associated areas.

What is FIPS country code?

International Countrycodes (ISO, OIC, Fips.)

Country ISO 3166-1 alpha2 Fips 10
Albania AL AL
Algeria DZ AG
American Samoa AS AQ
Andorra AD AN

What country is WZ?

Saint Helena SH SH
Swaziland SZ WZ
Sweden SE SW
Switzerland CH SZ
Syrian Arab Republic SY SY

What country code is GK?

The ISO 3166 codes are used by the United Nations and for Internet top-level country code domains. Non-sovereign entities are in italics….

Code Short-form name
GJ Grenada
GK Guernsey
GL Greenland
GM Germany

What are the States with FIPS codes?

State FIPS Codes Name Postal Code FIPS California CA 06 Colorado CO 08 Connecticut CT 09 Delaware DE 10

What are the state FIPS codes for Puerto Rico?

State FIPS Codes Name Postal Code FIPS Guam GU 66 Northern Mariana Islands MP 69 Puerto Rico PR 72 Virgin Islands VI 78

What is the ANSI county code for the United States?

Each territory is assigned an ANSI County Code in INCITS 31:2009, and may be individually identified through a combination of the ANSI State Code (74 or UM) and the appropriate ANSI County Code. Independent nation that operates under a Compact of Free Association with the United States of America.

How do I download codes used by the Census Bureau?

To download codes used by the Census Bureau (including Census and Civil codes), click on the “U.S. Board on Geographic Names – Domestic Names” link below, click on “Download Domestic Names”, and then go to “State Files with Federal Codes”.