In this publication we will talk about the typical steps for writing a great essay.

Phase 1: generate an idea

Make as the least normal material – not so easy, but without a clear idea in advance the goal becomes almost impossible. Therefore, before you start to make, you need to clearly form the subject. On this subject it is necessary to make a choice with couples of the “idea-reasoning”.

An assumption is a full-fledged idea that you think to convey to the reader. Most often in the words of the essay should be used at least three theses. Here though, you think to compose an essay on the question “What exactly is unsafe envy” assumptions to it have all the chances to be like: person will become evil, it’s hard for him to delight in the success of the surrounding society, it doesn’t mean no one to help; in today’s world of gloss and Instagram so people will find it difficult to talk to others, jealousy provokes isolation and contributes to solitude; jealous personality triumphs tough luck the others, he will not seek to challenge injustice.

The assumption might be the only General on the full essay. In support of each idea, it is necessary to look at the arguments, or rather confirming their precedents and samples. Depending on the type of essay it may be some situation of real life, excerpt, reference to the development and so on

Measure 2: develop a basic organization

Elementary is not easy. Among other things, it follows that for the sake of writing a good essay it makes no sense to fill it with a huge number of facts, branches, delightful literary methods. One of the first secrets of success is a balanced structure.

In the process of its formation, it is practical to rely on the assumptions and arguments spelled out in the former phase: the introductory part – in such a section, the main ideas of the text are mentioned; the main section – here are paragraphs with arguments given to help the thesis, which are presented in a form suitable for an essay of a certain kind; the conclusion – in such an element you do not understand the main idea again, but create conclusions based on the reasons put forward.

Phase three: use supporting tools if necessary

When you need to write something it is urgent, can form a difficulty named “fear of the white sheet.” Even if the Creator knows what exactly he needs to write, the first step is the hardest.

The reasons for the fear of the white sheet is quite a lot: from the transient type of “no mood”, to a fairly accurate type of paralyzing fear to have a bad mark for homework or excessive perfectionism. Of course, lack of practice, too, withdrawn lousy.

Experiments and tests determine that this problem can be solved by the use of article layouts. The concept is elementary – it is hard for people to write at least a sentence, so that the page is no longer empty. But if they did it now there will be some text, which we need to bring correction, do it much easier psychologically.

According to Ghost blog, the use of sample articles helps to increase the speed of writing articles by six hundred %.

Phase four: subtract material

After that, when you overcame the fear of the white sheet and created an essay, you need to reread it a few more times and correct the mistakes. In that case, if you create it online, it’s a good idea to use specialized technologies for proofreading and grammar control. These features help to correct typos, overcome grammar mistakes and improve the style of the essay.