Essay is a literary genre of creative creation of small volume and free composition. Essay expresses subjective impressions and judgments of the Creator according to the exact question or object and does not undertake an absolute or establishing interpretation of the problem.

The size and actions are in contact with the academic article and the writer’s sketch (which essay is often confused with), with the other – with philosophical work. For the essay method typical descriptiveness, mobility of associations, brevity, the installation of openness Yes expressive speech.

Essay goals, listeners and features

The Central points of essay were: notification, assurance and interest of a person, self-realization of the Creator or a combination of the 1st, or many goals. Their successful achievement depends on the ability of the Creator to accurately establish their entire group. Good essay distinguishes original knowledge, understanding of manners and effective set.

The course of production essay in General consists of such steps: understanding the purpose, the establishment of the object, the selection of information, setting up a compilation, the production of the primary position, the addition of the draft.

Essay varieties


The description links events in a specific sequence, most of them sequential. The main position in the story is action and conflict. The presentation is most often told starting from the Central or, for example, the third representative. The story will be built around the main events and often includes communication, one that demonstrates the action and helps to rivet the reader into the narrative.


The manual explains emotional impressions: visual, receptive, sensitive, smelling, taste. United health essay created by the ruling sensation. For the sake of production of display it is very important to choose the observational moment, to select and place details by means of the spatial or (less often) chronological company

A summary of the process

A variety of descriptions, often allocated to a certain group, are considered to demonstrate moments that are specifically exploited in order to explain to readers how this is created or in other words results.


Demonstration is necessary for interpretation of ideas. When choosing examples, you need to come to the conclusion that they guarantee the idea and they will be enough for the assigned mission.


Classification essay divides a rich problem into categories according to a certain principle, designates the different qualities of a certain category, and further shows how such individuals fluctuate between categories.


Comparison values 2 or a pair of objects for similarity. Often it allows you to make the election between versions, as well as introduces the user to unfamiliar objects. All the details of the ratio had to combine something in common and rely on optimally selected parts, depicting than the comparable elements are similar and what exactly stand out.

Cause and effect

The base and the consequence form a bond group. Essay, where the investigation can be used, analyzes the circumstances – the grounds, in consequence of which there are some influences and circumstances, and the results – the final results of these efforts and parameters.


Task essay-definition – clarify the meaning of phrases or other words of judgment. They come in three versions: through similar in meaning words; existing and deployed, which can specifically represent a Union of other forms and types of essay (story, display, drawing flow, etc.).


Argumentative essay, settling on logically constructed materials, seeks to assure the reader not to argue with a certain view, to perform a certain event or to do both. The authors of argumentative essay seek their own task with the help of reasonable influence, based on indisputable truths, opinions of authorities, the main sources of information, statistical information and others; emotional, Yes, ethical acts.