Can budgies recover from French Moult?

Affected birds sometimes recover spontaneously at the first molt within 6 to 8 months of age; however, severely affected birds may never develop normal plumage.

What causes French molt in budgies?

“French Moult” is a common disease of young budgies, usually caused by the “Polyoma” virus, which first appeared in the 1980s. The virus is a very serious problem to have in an aviary, but it is not fatal to individual birds unless they are very young.

What do you give a moulting budgie?

Feed them hard-boiled egg yolks and cucumbers – New feathers means more nutrients and protein are necessary for their diet. Take your bird to the vet if you’re concerned – Specifically, if your pet molts more than twice a year, this could be a sign of a serious medical condition.

Can French Moult be cured?

There are no drugs to treat French Moult, but the fact that French Moult infects baby birds and not adult birds helps us to combat this complex disease. The disease is controlled and prevented by selecting birds for breeding which are free of the French Moult disease.

How do you stop French moulting?

The best way to avoid French molt from infecting your bird or aviary is by taking some preventive measures, including quarantining new birds, maintaining a sanitary environment and providing proper nutrition. A vaccine is also available for adult birds, but, of course, this does not assist birds already diseased.

Can you cure French Moult?

How long does a budgie Moult last?

Some budgies can complete the entire process in about 1-2 weeks, while others take up to 10 weeks. The longer timeframes usually apply to budgies that aren’t molting for natural reasons.

How long do budgies molting last?

Budgies will molt at least once a year but can often molt up to three times a year. How long will the molt last? Depending on the severity of the molt it can last a weeks or even a couple of molts.

How is French molt treated?

Is French Moult contagious?

The introduction of a new bird is always a risk; buying, selling and showing must be taken very seriously due to the highly contagious nature of French molt. The disease is easily spreadable from aviary to aviary.

How do you treat polyomavirus?

There is no definitive treatment for APV. Birds with mild hemorrhaging might benefit from vitamin K injections and supportive veterinary care. Often, the disease progresses so quickly that no treatment will be effective.

How do you help a bird molt?

During molting, birds will have fewer feathers than normal. This means that keeping the room in which the parrot cage a little warmer than usual can help them to feel better. Also, helping your bird to groom by gently breaking up the hard keratinous substance that encases new feathers can be helpful.