What is C-Mac used for?

C-MAC® video laryngoscopy using a Macintosh shaped blade seems to be a useful technique as the initial approach for endotracheal intubation in the ICU. These data justify larger randomized studies to evaluate the impact of video laryngoscopy on patient outcome.

What is the difference between GlideScope and CMAC?

The C-MAC has a blade shaped much like a standard Macintosh curve, allowing for a conventional approach similar to direct laryngoscopy. In contrast, the GlideScope video laryngoscope blade has a 60-degree curvature.

How do you intubate a Mac blade?

Insert the Blade To The Right Of The Tongue If necessary to avoid the teeth, you can tilt the top of the handle slightly to the side to insert the blade into the mouth, then rotate the blade back, scooping it around the right side of the tongue and sweeping the tongue left as you do so.

Who makes Glidescope?

the Roper Technologies family
We joined the Roper Technologies family (US ticker symbol ROP) in December 2009. Our three core brands: GlideScope®, BFlex™ and BladderScan® have achieved worldwide recognition as industry leaders in the airway management, single-use bronchoscopy, and bladder volume measurement device markets.

What are the disadvantages of Nasotracheal intubation?

The disadvantages include possible damage to the delicate nasal tissues, the patient must be spontaneously breathing, and it is contraindicated in patients with possible basal skull fractures or facial trauma. Despite these disadvantages, it is a good alternative to oral intubation.

What is the Storz C-Mac 8401 laryngoscope?

The Storz C-MAC 8401 is a video laryngoscope that features stainless steel blades with pronounced flat form which enables endotracheal intubation even with reduced oral aperture.

What are the benefits of the C-Mac® video laryngoscope?

The ergonomic benefits and functional advantages of the C-MAC® Video Laryngoscope, part of the C-MAC® Premium Class products, are outlined in this presentation. C-MAC® Video Laryngoscopes offer a number of preferred blade options, including dBLADE and Pediatric blades for handling difficult intubations.

Who is the author of 8403 laryngoscope series?

C-MAC® Video Laryngoscopes Series 8403 Author KARL STORZ SE & Co. KG Created Date 4/22/2021 1:55:42 PM

How to use the video laryngoscope?

Insert the video connecting cable into the socket of the video laryngoscope. Pay attention to the orientation pin on the plug and socket. 2. Make sure that the cable is fully inserted.