At the present stage of development of society, academic writing plays an important role in science in general and in research activities in particular. It forms students’ basic concepts of approaches to scientific writing and creates a correct academic sphere through scientific written communication.

Almost in any field of human activity sooner or later have to deal with situations in which the skills of academic writing are simply necessary:

  • admission to a University or College;
  • writing a resume and cover letter when looking for a job;
  • apply for a grant competition.

If a person does not have enough knowledge to write any kind of academic works, he can always find help in writing a thesis paper.

Where academic writing applies

Academic writing is used by:

  • students of higher and secondary educational institutions. In the learning process, students perform numerous types of academic work, and it is natural that they are all written in academic writing style;
  • teachers. Working with students and giving them written assignments, teachers use academic writing;
  • employees of research institutes. Work in research institutes involves many research works in various fields of science and writing works on its results, using academic writing;
  • applicants. Upon admission to various educational institutions, applicants must complete written introductory tasks, as well as write an application, which also involves the use of academic writing skills;
  • employees of various companies and enterprises conduct business correspondence with colleagues, prepare various documents and reports;
  • businessmen. When running their own business, a person performs writing applications, petitions to state bodies, preparation of statistical reports;
  • applicants for a particular position. When looking for a job, a person makes a resume and a cover letter to it, which is sent to various companies that provide vacant positions.

As you can see the writing skills are widespread in various spheres of human life and in the modern world without it cannot do almost anyone.

Features of academic writing

Academic writing is used in all educational institutions, which are widely practiced writing a variety of written works. Any texts you create while studying at University or College will require academic writing skills.

Acquired knowledge during the study will be useful to you in your future activities. Reports, reviews and reports, articles in scientific journals and many other texts are written according to the rules of academic writing. The earlier you learn this style, the more practice you will have and the more effectively you will use this skill in your career. Academic writing has a number of characteristics, which greatly distinguish it from other writing styles.

Elements that are common to all academic texts:

  • introduction, main part, conclusion;
  • the main idea that the author expresses in order to convey it to the readers;
  • arguments, facts, examples that confirm the main idea;
  • the author’s personality does not appear, that is, the text is impersonal;
  • double line spacing, font Times New Roman, size 12.

If you want to improve your academic writing, you can take a specialized academic writing course, which is mainly conducted by universities. There are also distance courses that will help you learn how to write academic texts and master all the skills and subtleties of this style without leaving home. You can promote various sites and find such a course in the network, it will allow you to engage at your own pace at a convenient time for you.