What is a topography for kids?

Topography describes the physical features of an area of land. These features typically include natural formations such as mountains, rivers, lakes, and valleys. Manmade features such as roads, dams, and cities may also be included. Topography often records the various elevations of an area using a topographical map.

How do you explain topography?

Topography Definition Topography is the study of the land surface. In particular, it lays the underlying foundation of a landscape. For example, topography refers to mountains, valleys, rivers, or craters on the surface. The origin of topography comes from “topo” for “place” and “graphia” for “writing”.

What is a topographic map PDF?

A topographic map is printed on a flat piece of paper yet it provides a picture of the terrain and man- made features through the use of contour lines, colors and symbols. Contour lines represent the shape and elevation of the land, such as ridges, valleys, and hills.

What are the different types of topography?

Topography Types

  • Karst Topography. Karst topography describes the distinct landscape that is made when underlying rocks dissolve or change shape.
  • Mountain Topography. Topographical maps show landforms such as hills and mountains.
  • Vegetation, Elevation and Glaciers.

What are the elements of topography?

Relief: mountains, valleys, slopes, depressions as.

  • Hydrography: lakes, rivers, streams, swamps,
  • Vegetation: wooded areas.
  • Transportation: roads, trails, railways, bridges,
  • Culture: buildings, urban development, power.
  • Boundaries: international, provincial/territorial,
  • Toponymy: place names, water feature names,
  • Topo tip:
  • What are the factors of topography?

    Topographic factors include height, direction of slope, steepness of the slope. The topographic factors are also called indirect factors as they influence the growth and development of organisms by bringing variations in climatic factors.

    What are 4 main uses of a topographic map?

    Topographic maps have many multiple uses in the present day: any type of geographic planning or large-scale architecture; earth sciences and many other geographic disciplines; mining and other earth-based endeavours; civil engineering and recreational uses such as hiking and orienteering.

    What are the topographic features?

    A topographic map is a detailed and accurate illustration of man-made and natural features on the ground such as roads, railways, power transmission lines, contours, elevations, rivers, lakes and geographical names. The topographic map is a two-dimensional representation of the Earth’s three-dimensional landscape.

    What is topography of the Philippines?

    The topography is extremely varied, with volcanic mountain masses forming the cores of most of the larger islands. The range culminates in Mt. Pulog (elevation 2,928 m/9,606 ft) in northern Luzon and in Mt. Apo, the highest point in the Philippines (elevation 2,954 m/9,692 ft), in Mindanao.

    What are the 4 main uses of a topographic map?

    Topographic maps show contours, elevation, forest cover, marsh, pipelines, power transmission lines, buildings and various types of boundary lines such as international, provincial and administrative, and many others.

    How to read a topographic map worksheet?

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  • How to create a topographic map?

    Put the lump of clay on the cardboard and shape a mountain about 4 inches high.

  • Use the long pencil to poke two holes straight down through the center of the mountain.
  • With the ruler,measure down about 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) from the top of the mountain and make a little dent mark with the pencil.
  • How to create SketchUp topography?

    Select Window > Extension Warehouse.

  • Sign in with your Google account user name and password.
  • Search for Simplify Contours Tool.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the extension. The Knowledge Center’s Extension Warehouse section explains all the ins and outs of SketchUp Extensions.
  • What is eeaction creates karst topography?

    Karst Topography is a chemical reaction about the dissolution of layer (s) of soluble bedrock, clearly, carbonate rock like limestone or dolomite. Acidic water erodes the calcium in the bedrock, which is a main constituent of carbonate rocks in creating caverns.