How do you get Morganthe Athame?

Morganthe is located inside the Shadow Palace in Khrysalis. You can get here quickly by using the Hive teleporter in the Silent Market, then going up a nearby ladder. She splits into four forms – Ice, Death, Storm, and Balance.

What happened to Morganthe?

Ultimately, Morganthe is expelled from Ravenwood. After getting things all sorted out with Falmea and Baxby’s exchange program in Zafaria, Morganthe obtains her Deck of Shadows from Mirror Lake, fulfilling the first part of her prophecy. Before you head to Azteca, though, she makes a guest appearance.

Who is Morganthe Wizard101?

Morganthe, also known as the Umbra Queen or the Shadow Queen, is the main antagonist of the second arc of Wizard101. Born in the World of Avalon, she became the apprentice of the famed wizard Merle Ambrose.

Where can I buy Morganthe jewel?

Morganthe Jewels Besides being able to obtain these jewels from the School Jewel packs, you can also get these as a rare drop from Baba Yaga in Forlorn Tayg, Polaris. Make sure to farm them on the wizard you want them on as they are classified as ‘No Trade’.

Where is Mirror Lake w101?

The sacred waters of Mirror Lake are found atop Shining Mountain. This is where Merle Ambrose and the Council of Light trapped Morganthe’s heart of darkness, her Deck of Shadows. Notes: This instance is repeatable.

Can you solo Mirror Lake?

Re: Can I solo Mirror Lake with a Storm? Answer is maybe but not without some specialized high resist gear. The easiest part is actually probably going to be the starburst spiders as there is some storm gear that should give almost near 100% storm resist.

What drops Mirror Lake?

No, there are no real items of true value or rarity that are dropped in Mirror Lake. The fact that it supplies a guaranteed 2 Mega Snacks every run is what keeps people going there.

How do you beat the elephant in spectral guardian?

Spectral Guardians Like Tim-Tim Snakeeye, the Elephant will cast a 90% Tower Shield on himself, but the only way to remove this shield is either by defeating all other enemies in the battle or using Pierce or Steal Ward. Any time you attack him, he will put the shield back, up until you kill all of the other guardians.

Is Morganthe the last boss in Wizard101?

WIZARD April 22, 2020 Wizard101 Morganthe is the last boss battle in Khrysalis in Morganthe’s Chamber. Morganthe the death wizard is a rank 14 boss with 26,406 health.

Is Morganthe the last boss in khrysalis?

Wizard101 Morganthe is the last boss battle in Khrysalis in Morganthe’s Chamber. Morganthe the death wizard is a rank 14 boss with 26,406 health. This boss summons in three minions of herself as a balance, ice, and storm.

Why is death Morganthe the main boss?

Morganthe ‘s power over Death and Shadow magic allows her to bend reality to her whim, materializing all five forms of herself before the Wizards’ eyes. This is the final battle in Khrysalis. Death Morganthe is considered the main Boss for the purpose of drops.

What does Morganthe drop in Wizard101?

Besides just being a great end-world boss and enemy for the second arc, Morganthe drops some great gear for high-level Wizard101 players. Let’s take a look at the athames, amulets, and rings that she offers and why they’re important. We’re first introduced to Morganthe in Celestia – our first meeting is in The Chancel.