What happens if you kill Atub Skyrim?

She will often stray from her camp to defend it from giant attacks, but, during her related quest, she is unkillable. Killing Atub before initiating the quest will make The Cursed Tribe impossible to complete. When pickpocketed she will have a Northwatch Captain Key.

What happens if you kill the giant for Yamarz?

Sometimes if you tell Yamarz to kill the giant, the giant will not respond to Yamarz’s attacks and will be killed. When you talk to Yamarz he will behave as though you killed the giant for him and attack you. When you strike back he will die instantly.

What happens if you don’t kill Yamarz?

The Cursed Tribe If the Dragonborn chooses not to, Yamarz will be killed by the giant immediately, but if they do choose to kill the giant, then Yamarz will do the following. Yamarz asks the Dragonborn to keep whatever happened at the camp from the members of the stronghold.

What happens if I take Volendrung?

This essentially means that Volendrung makes it much harder for the player to be staggered in normal combat, as they will never run out of Stamina as long as they keep swinging. It also allows players to do back-to-back Heavy Attacks, as the Stamina used in the wind-up is almost entirely restored on hit.

Is it better to kill Paarthurnax or not?

It’s better to not kill him. The Greybeards care about the voice and and dragonborn and the prophecy. The Blades all they care about is the dragonborn and alduin and paathurnaax.

Is there anything to loot in Sovngarde?

Before engaging in battle in the next quest, there are two unique items found in the Hall of Valor, a Roasted Ox Head, and two Roasted Ox Legs. The Dragonborn cannot re-enter the Hall of Valor once the next battle has started, making this quest the only time they can be picked up.

How hard are giants to kill Skyrim?

Giants are big, dumb, and relatively slow, so kiting them is the easiest way to kill them. Attack from a distance, preferrably from a place that the giant can’t climb up to. Engaging them in melee combat is not suggested at all – one hit from a giant’s club will kill a lower level player.

At what level can you kill giants Skyrim?

Battling giants early game is an extremely dangerous proposition. Giants are level 32, and their mammoths, who are likely to aid their masters, are level 38. Their attacks, even if successfully blocked, can kill you in one hit.

Where can I get troll fat and a Daedra Heart in Skyrim?

It is possible to find a Daedra heart adjacent to Kodlak Whitemane in the Companions headquarters, Jorrvaskr, in Whiterun (he’s located downstairs). It may also be possible to find troll fat in the same room as the Daedra heart in Jorrvaskr.

Can you improve Volendrung?

Volendrung can be upgraded with an ebony ingot and the Arcane Blacksmith perk, though it does not benefit from any Smithing perks. This means that the weapon cannot be improved past flawless quality without boosting the Smithing skill over 100.