What engine is in a c152?

Lycoming O-235Cessna 152 / Engine typeThe Lycoming O-235 is a family of four-cylinder, air-cooled, horizontally opposed piston aircraft engines that produce 100 to 135 hp, derived from the earlier O-233 engine. Wikipedia

How much fuel does c152 burn hourly?


1978 Cessna 152 1985 Cessna 152
Fuel Capacity 26 gallons Long Range Tanks: 39 gallons 26 gallons Long range tanks: 39 gallons
Min. Octane Fuel 100 100
Avg. Fuel Burn at 75% power in standard conditions per hour 6.1 gallons Unknown

How fast can a Cessna 152 fly?

127 mphCessna 152 / Top speed

How far can a c152 fly?

The Cessna 152’s range depends on certain variables. A 152 with long range tanks could fly as far as 690 NM (1200 km or 800 miles), but to do that you’d have to climb to 10’000′, reduce the power and fly for 8.7 hours, which is a very long time in a 152.

How far can a Cessna 152 fly on a full tank?

How Far Can A Cessna 152 Fly On A Full Tank? It is possible to fly a 152 with long range tanks as far as 690 NM (1200 km or 800 miles), but you will have to climb to 10’000′ and reduce the power and fly for 8 hours.

What’s the range of a Cessna 172?

736.3 miCessna 172 / Range

How high can a Cessna 172 go?

A Cessna 172 has a service ceiling of 14,000 feet, and a V-tail Bonanza has one of 18,500 feet.

What speed does a Cessna take off at?

Typical takeoff air speeds for jetliners are in the range of 240–285 km/h (130–154 kn; 149–177 mph). Light aircraft, such as a Cessna 150, take off at around 100 km/h (54 kn; 62 mph).

How many hours can a Cessna 172 fly on a full tank?

How Many Hours Can A Cessna 172 Fly On A Full Tank? When the fuel tanks are fully loaded, the Skyhawk can fly up to five or six hours in good weather conditions when the fuel tanks are fully loaded.

What are the performances of the Cessna 152?

Cessna 152 Performances Cessna 152| Flying the Desert Takeoff Distances| Landing Distances| Parachute and Gliding| Range Cruising Speeds| Climbing Speeds| Stalling Speeds Takeoff Distances The distance you need to take off can be broken in two parts.

What kind of engine does a F-152 have?

The 152 is an all metal, two place, high wing, single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear and designed for general utility purposes. This airplane is certificated in the utility category and is designed for limited aerobatic flight.

What makes the Boeing 152 such a good trainer?

These aircraft require vigilance in tricky winds, a trait that has made them good trainers. Aside from challenging gale-force winds, it is the docile handling of the 152 that makes it so enjoyable to fly. Like everything else in the aircraft’s design, handling characteristics require very little effort.

What kind of engine does a Lycoming O-235 have?

1 x 180 HP Lycoming O-235-N26 piston engine with 2 blade propeller. One pilot and one passenger side by side. Primary and aerobatic capable trainer. In service since 1977. World´s most successful light trainer.