What country is Kringle from?

Kringles are pastries that originated in Denmark (by way of Austrian bakers) and that were introduced to Racine, Wisconsi,n in the late 1800s by Danish immigrants.

Are kringles only in Wisconsin?

Kringle Is The Official Wisconsin State Pastry – Here Are 7 Spots To Sample This Flaky Treat. In the mid-to-late 1800s, 10% of all the Danes in the United States were in Racine, Wisconsin. Over in Denmark, a strike by bakers leads to the import of Austrian pastry chefs.

What state is known for kringles?

Kringle: Wisconsin’s Official Pastry Many Wisconsinites will declare their love for their favorite bakery but a stop at any of these old world bakeries will help you understand why Kringle has been declared the official pastry of the State of Wisconsin.

What is Chris Chringle?

/ˌkrɪs ˈkrɪŋɡl/ ​a US name for Father Christmas. It comes from the German word Christkindl, meaning Christ child, because German children believe that the baby Jesus brings presents during the Christmas season.

Why are kringles popular in Wisconsin?

Racine, Wisconsin is known as “The Kringle Capital of the World.” Baking kringles is a tradition brought to Wisconsin by Danish immigrants in the 1800’s and some bakeries are still using decades-old recipes handed down by their ancestors.

What is the most popular dessert in Wisconsin?

A popular Wisconsin dessert is the cream puff, a type of profiterole that is a famous treat at the Wisconsin State Fair. The southeastern Wisconsin city of Racine is known for its Danish kringle, a sweet flaky pastry often served as a dessert. The recipe was brought by Danish immigrants to the region in the 1800s.

What is the origin of Kringle?

Kringle (/ ˈkrɪŋɡəl /, listen (help·info)) is a Scandinavian pastry, a Nordic variety of pretzel. Pretzels were introduced by Roman Catholic monks in the 13th century in Denmark, and from there they spread throughout Scandinavia and evolved into several kinds of sweet, salty or filled pastries, all in the shape of kringle.

What are Kringles made of in Scandinavia?

Scandinavia. Kringler may be made from puff pastry (like Danish pastry) or yeast dough, filled with remonce or marzipan and raisins, sprinkled with coarse sugar, nut flakes or icing. Other types of kringle in Scandinavia includes saltkringler, which are small salty kringler – the Scandinavian equivalent of pretzels -,…

What is a Kringle Kontest?

In 2005, Dana College in Blair, Nebraska, held a Kringle Kontest, which was won by Kirsten’s Danish Bakery in Burr Ridge, Illinois. In Denmark, the official kringle emblem of the baker’s guild is topped with a royal crown. Here from a modern bakery shop in Ribe. Baker’s guilds in Europe have used the kringle or pretzel as a symbol for centuries.

Why is the kringle the national symbol of Europe?

Baker’s guilds in Europe have used the kringle or pretzel as a symbol for centuries. It is told (but currently unconfirmed by historic documents), that when Vienna was besieged by the Turkish Ottoman armies in 1529, local bakers working in the night gave the city defence an early warning of the attacking enemy.