What are the 11 elements with Latin names?

Terms in this set (11)

  • Na. Sodium / Natrium.
  • K. Potassium / Kalium.
  • Fe. Iron / Ferrum.
  • Cu. Copper / Cuprum.
  • Sb. Antimony / Stibium.
  • Au. Gold / Aurum.
  • Pb. Lead / Plumbum.
  • Hg. Mercury / Hydragyrum.

What is the Latin name of all elements?

What are the Latin Names of Chemical Elements?

Element Symbol Latin Name
Mercury Hg Hydragyrum
Potassium K Kalium
Silver Ag Argentum
Sodium Na Natrium

How many elements are there PDF?

However, the Periodic table generally displays only the symbol of the element and not its entire name….Here is the List of 118 Elements with Symbols and Atomic Number.

Name of the Element Symbol of the Element Atomic Number
Krypton Kr 36
Rubidium Rb 37
Strontium Sr 38

What are the 11 irregular elements?

Terms in this set (11)

  • Sodium. Natrium (Na)
  • Potassium. Kalium (K)
  • Iron. Ferrum (Fe)
  • Copper. Cuprum (Cu)
  • Silver. Argentium (Ar)
  • Tin. Stannum (Sn)
  • Antimony. Stibium (Sb)
  • Tungsten. Wolfram (W)

What are the four elements in Latin?

I need to translate **water, earth, air, fire** into Latin, in the context of the names of the four natural elements….Latin translation: aqua, terra, aer, ignis.

English term or phrase: water, earth, air, fire
Latin translation: aqua, terra, aer, ignis
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What is the name of P element?

Phosphorus is a non-metal that sits just below nitrogen in group 15 of the periodic table. This element exists in several forms, of which white and red are the best known.

What are the 103 elements?

Lawrencium is a synthetic chemical element with the symbol Lr (formerly Lw) and atomic number 103.

What is the elements of RG?

roentgenium (Rg), artificially produced transuranium element of atomic number 111.

Why are Latin names used in elements?

– It tells us about trends in reactivity. Atoms in the same group form ions with the same charge and follow trends in reactivity. – It tells us about physical trends. Atoms in the same group follow trends in physical properties (eg. – It tells us about trends in ionization and electron affinity of atoms, and atomic radius.

Which elements on the periodic table have Latin names?

– K. Potassium. – Sb. Antimony. – Cu. Copper. – Ag. Silver. – Au. Gold. – Fe. Iron. – Hg. Mercury. – Pb. Lead.

What are the names of all the elements?

Fire Manipulation – Manipulate fire.

  • Fire Generation – Generate fire.
  • Fire Mimicry – Transform into fire or mimic traits of fire.
  • Fire Magic – Use magic related to fire.
  • Fire Embodiment – Become the embodiment/personification of the element of fire.
  • Pyroscience – Have absolute knowledge about fire.
  • What are the group names of elements?

    Alkali metals – The metals of group 1: Li,Na,K,Rb,Cs,Fr.

  • Alkaline earth metals – The metals of group 2: Be,Mg,Ca,Sr,Ba,Ra.
  • Pnictogens – The elements of group 15: N,P,As,Sb,Bi.
  • Chalcogens – The elements of group 16: O,S,Se,Te,Po.
  • Halogens – The elements of group 17: F,Cl,Br,I,At.