In the life of a large number of people there are cases when it is necessary to justify in writing any position, comment on their actions, recreate the impression of something, to Express themselves, etc., etc. And of course for this case mostly suitable just writing an essay. In the presented note, we will directly talk about what an essay is and how to scribble it. Immediately provide a little explanation: the article is available in the form of certain informative structures that reveal some of the characteristics of the essay.

What is an essay?

The essay is a small composition composed in the prose genre and also having a free composition, and reflecting personal considerations, conclusions and impressions of people on a given topic. By the way, initially the essay does not pretend to be comprehensive or fundamental in the problem under consideration.

Objective of the essay

The idea of the essay is usually considered to be the development of creative thinking and the skill of writing their own thoughts. And the course of his writing is very necessary, because it favors learning and improving the art of formulating ideas, building data structures, identifying cause-and-effect relationships, illustrating existing experience with all kinds of samples and argumentation of conclusions.

Features of the essay

  1. Moderate size

In General, there are obviously no conditional limits on the length of the essay. However, it is recommended to make an essay of three to seven pages of printed text. However, for example, in various colleges in Europe are allowed to write essays up to ten sheets, but at Harvard business school essays are simply two pages.

  1. The specifics of the subject and the subjectivity of writing

In any essay every time there is a certain theme. Therefore, the essay by definition does not have the ability to examine free objects, to contain a huge amount of ideas, and should reflect and develop only one thought or give an answer to a single question.

  1. Free structure

Virtually no standardized framework can be used in the essay. Often, almost all works in the direction of the essay are not built on the rules of logic, but on the contrary are subject to any free connections and have every chance even to be built on the principle of “Everything in reverse order”.

  1. Naturalness of narration

While working on the essay, the author undoubtedly has to keep confidential style of contact with the reader, to avoid difficult, too strict, vague definitions. Again, you should be at ease with the object, be able to present it from all sides, in order to show a person a flexible view of the problem being examined, which can become the soil of his future thoughts.

  1. The use of contradictions

Often essay means to cause astonishment. Some experts revere that sometimes the condition is essential. The starting point for the reader’s thoughts is any aphorism, phenomenon, bright statement that can push together a couple of mutually exclusive ideas, etc.

  1. Logical completeness

This is no less than one of the contradictions of the essay: the creation, which stands out for its free structure and subjectivity of interpretation, at the same time has an internal logical system. In other words, it is possible to balance the leading theses and statements of the Creator, the harmony of connections and arguments and compliance of views.

  1. Focus on speaking

The essay should be focused on everyday speech understandable to each individual, but should not include stereotypical phrases and formulations, frivolous meaning, slang or jargon. The story should be simple, but perceived very thoroughly.

Structure and outline of the essay

The structure of an essay is often determined by two requirements: the ideas of the Creator can be represented in the form of short theses, and theses can be argued.

As arguments in this case are allowed to use any facts, actions, actions, moments, powers, scientific evidence, presentation of experts, etc., it is Preferable to use two arguments for any thesis. Actually two, because the only one may not sound credible, while three or more – overload the short and figurative expression.