What are professional sumo wrestlers called?

The sumo wrestlers are known as rikishi in Japanese (the two characters of the kanji meaning “strength” and “warrior”). There are around 650 rikishi in the six divisions of sumo: maku-uchi. juryo.

How many pro sumo wrestlers are there?

Professional sumo consists of approximately 550 rikishi divided into 6 divisions. The top division, called Makuuchi, includes the top 42 wrestlers in the sport. The Makuuchi rank receives the most attention and media coverage.

Who is best sumo wrestler?

Most top division wins

Name Highest rank
1 Hakuhō Yokozuna
2 Kaiō Ōzeki
3 Chiyonofuji Yokozuna
4 Kitanoumi Yokozuna

What is the average salary of a sumo wrestler?

Wrestlers in the juryo and makuuchi divisions are known as sekitori. The average salary of a professionally ranked sekitori sumo wrestler is one million yen or 8,800 USD per month, plus additional perks and prize money. Juryo wrestlers compete 15 times per tournament, compared to the 7 bouts of the former ranks.

Who are the top sumo wrestlers?

Juryo (division 2)

  • Megashira (division 1)
  • Komusubi (division 1)
  • Sekiwake (division 1)
  • Ozeke (division 1)
  • Who are some famous sumo wrestlers?

    Jonokuchi. Sumo wrestlers start their careers in jonokuchi,the lowest division,after participating in at least one maezumo bout.

  • Jonidan. Jonidan- ranked wrestlers now have some experience,but only the best are promoted.
  • Sandanme. Wrestlers in sandanme are still not considered professionals.
  • Makushita.
  • Juryo.
  • Makuuchi.
  • What are the ranks of sumo wrestlers?

    List of top ten famous record holder sumo wrestlers

  • Hakuhō Shō. Hakuho Sho starts his career as a sumo wrestler in the year 2001 and turn into an expert a professional sumo wrestler from Ulan Bator,Mongolia.
  • Taihō Kōki. Taiho Koki is second most favorite sumo wrestling player who born in May,1940 and his real name is Koki Naya.