What are some cool tech names?

What are some unique tech company names?

  • Tidal Wave (Tidal Wave Technologies)
  • Warrior (Warrior Tech Services)
  • Drive (Drive Web Consulting)
  • Theory (Theory Online Solutions)
  • Pixel (Pixel Perfect)
  • Trek (Trek Tech Corp.)

How do you name a corporation?

Your California Corporation Name Must Contain Certain Words The name of your business typically needs to contain the words “Corporation,” “Incorporated” or “Limited,” normally at the end of the name. These suffixes can be abbreviated.

How do I choose a computer name?

System names must:

  1. Be all lowercase.
  2. Use dashes between words instead of blank spaces, underscores or any other special characters.
  3. Be as short as possible. Single words are best. If you must use multiple words, omit conjunctions like ‘and’ as well as symbols like ‘&’ Do not duplicate words in the folder name.

What name means technology?

If you are a gadget-geek, these baby names that mean technology would be a great choice for your little one….Names That Mean Technology For Boys:

  • Link: Link has a double technological association.
  • Jade:
  • Nyan:
  • Linux:
  • Archie:
  • Mac:
  • Hal:
  • Pascal:

What is a good name for a high tech company?

List of Best High Tech Company Names Ideas. Signex Technology. Deggen Technology. Adept Technology Solutions. Corross Technology. Cubent Technology Solutions. Trizent Technology. Follex Technology Solutions. Triben Technology.

What are some good tech company names for a new startup?

These are tech companies names for new startups. AZ Technology Inc. Woodlands Corp. Twin Apps Software Co. How to name a tech company? A tech company name should be short, simple, unique and memorable while keeping the relevance to the industry. Read: Great IT Project Team Names Ideas

What are some cute and cool tech company names?

Here are some cute and cool tech company names to inspire you: 1 Rank able Technology Solutions 2 LenderSite 3 Mottus Technology 4 Tri-Tech International 5 Nano Quantico Tech 6 Data Source 7 Contopia by Loginno 8 Source IT 9 ElevateBliss 10 Marcell Technology

How to name your tech company?

370 Names Ideas for technology companies. How to name your tech company? Why a catchy name is important for your technology company? Tips to finalize the best tech company name. Let’s dive in. 1. Be Professional 2. Keep it Short and memorable. 3. What’s your specialty? 4. Consider adding your name. 5. Don’t add the location name 6.