Is neotame the same as aspartame?

Carbonated Beverages Neotame is similar to aspartame, and is a derivative of the amino species, phenylalanine and aspartic acid. In 2002, neotame was approved by the FDA as an all-purpose sweetener. This sweetener has essentially the same qualities as aspartame, having no bitter or metallic aftertaste.

What foods contain neotame?

The following food list may contain neotame:

  • Chewing gum.
  • Carbonated soft drinks.
  • Tabletop sweeteners.
  • Frozen desserts, yogurt.
  • Baked goods.
  • Preserved fruits.
  • Salad dressings.

What does neotame do to the body?

However, neotame safety studies found that long-term neotame consumption is associated with low body weight and low body weight gain, although this has long been considered the result of low food consumption [18].

What is neotame sold as?

Neotame is sold under the brand name Newtame®, and is approximately 7,000 to 13,000 times sweeter than table sugar. FDA approved neotame for use as a general purpose sweetener and flavor enhancer in foods (except in meat and poultry), under certain conditions of use, in 2002.

Is neotame safe?

Neotame has been thoroughly assessed and determined safe by international and national authorities. It is neither cancer-causing nor associated with any adverse health effects.

Is neotame heat stable?

Neotame is more stable in aqueous form at neutral pH. It is heat stable and consequently used in cooking and baking. Unlike aspartame it is safe for people with phenylketonurea. It is compatible with wide range of food ingredients, so blended with other caloric sweeteners to enhance taste and flavour.

Is neotame a artificial sweetener?

Neotame, also known by the trade name Newtame, is a non-caloric artificial sweetener and aspartame analog by NutraSweet. By mass, it is 8000 times sweeter than sucrose.

What is the solubility of neotame in ethyl acetate?

At 15 °C the solubility of neotame is 10.6 g/kg in water and 43.6 g/kg in ethyl acetate. At 25 °C the solubilities are 12.6 g/kg and 77.0 g/kg, respectively. At 40 °C the solubilities are 18.0 g/kg and 238 g/kg, respectively.

How can I make neotame from 3-dimethylbutanal?

Industrially neotame is made from 3,3-dimethylbutanal and aspartame via reductive amination. They are dissolved in methanol, palladium on carbon catalyst is added, air is replaced with hydrogen and the reaction is carried out in room temperature under pressure for a few hours. Catalyst is filtered out. This can be aided with diatomaceous earth.

What is neotame made of?

Neotame contains flavor-enhancing properties and compaired to sucrose or aspartame it has a relatively lower cost per sweetness factors. Neotame is formally a secondary amine of 3,3-dimethylbutanal and aspartame.

What is the difference between neotame and aspartame?

Neotame is especially stable as a dry powder at room temperature and humidity even if mixed with e.g. glucose or maltodextrin, and is relatively inert in foods with reducing sugars like fructose. Unlike aspartame, neotame doesn’t form diketopiperazines via intra-molecular cyclization due to its N-alkyl substitution with 3,3-dimethylbutyl.