In this guide, we will talk about the main measures for writing a quality essay.

Step 1: formulate your idea

It is quite difficult to compose as the smallest standard text, but without a precisely composed thought the problem will become completely unenforceable. In view of this, before you start writing, you need to strictly formulate the theme. To achieve the desired result, you need to decide on pairs in the style of “idea-argument”.

An idea is a finished idea, what you want to present a person. Most often, the content of the essay should add at least three abstracts. For example, you want to write an essay on the problem of “What exactly is dangerous envy”, the statement to him have every chance to look like this: an envious citizen will become evil, it is impossible for him to be surprised at the success of others, he does not intend to contribute to anyone; in the current world of gloss and Instagram such persons will be difficult to keep in touch with others, envy generates inaccessibility and promotes loneliness; envious person triumphs bad luck of others, he will not try to counteract injustice.

The statement can be one, common to the entire essay. Any claim should be supported by reasons such as facts and examples. Depending on the type of essay it may be any circumstance of real life, statement, reference to research and so on

Step two: invent the basic structure

Lightness is difficult. In addition, this means that for the production of a good essay there is no need to stuff it with a great number of facts, branches, elegant writer’s ways. One of the key secrets of luck is a deliberate device.

In the process of its creation it is rational to refer to the assumptions and reasons made in the previous step: the introductory part – in such a component the main assumptions of the essay are mentioned; the main body – there are paragraphs with the evidence given in support of the thesis, submitted in a form suitable for the essay of a particular type; conclusion – in such a section you do not analyze the leading idea again, but rather carry out the conclusions on the basis of the presented arguments.

Measure 3: use supportive tools when necessary

When you should do something immediately, a nuisance called “fear of the white sheet” can be detected. Although the Creator knows exactly what he needs to write about, the first step can be the hardest.

Reason to fear a white sheet obtained very much from the ephemeral in the manner of “lacking mood”, to the quite specific, like the paralyzing fear of having a bad grade for homework or excessive perfectionism. Naturally, the lack of practice is equally bad.

Experiments determine that this problem can be solved by using essay templates. The concept is simple – it is difficult for an individual to come up with at least a proposal, so that the page is no longer empty. But if all the same there will now be some text where it is necessary to introduce corrections – to make it much easier psychologically.

According to the blog service Ghost, the use of sample text can increase the speed of writing posts by six hundred percent.

Step four: review the text

After you overcame the fear of the white paper and wrote the text, it is important to reread it a couple of times and correct the errors. When you create it using the Internet, it’s a great idea to use specialized tools for proofreading and grammar checking. These same technologies can help correct typos, get rid of grammatical errors and improve the writing style.