Is it outright or outrightly?

1. Without reservation or qualification; openly: finally responded outright to the question. 2. Completely and entirely; wholly: denied the charges outright.

What does it mean to outright?

If you do something outright, you do it in a wholehearted, unrestricted way. If you declare outright that you’re never eating another cupcake, that’s the end of that. If you eat one anyway, you told an outright lie.

How do I use outright in a sentence?

Outright sentence example

  1. I really don’t want to lie outright to the police.
  2. Evelyn’s giggle turned into outright laughter.
  3. He’d outright asked her to.
  4. I, being the eventual judge, am yet to be impressed enough with either side to declare an outright victor.
  5. Jensen and Freke are gagging for their first outright wins.

What’s the difference between outright and downright?

As an adjective outright means direct, immediate, or indisputable. In short, downright is used for emphasize in the utter completeness of an attribute or term and outright is used when something is blatant or wide out in the open, not up for debate.

What is an outright sale?

without further payments due, restrictions, or qualifications: an outright sale of the car.

What is outright payment?

When you pay for the device outright, you will own that device immediately, its yours. If you were to pay through monthly installments you would own the device after you complete your payment plan. Outright purchase will be more expensive as you are paying everything in one go.

What is the synonym of outright?

out-and-out. perfect. positive. straightforward. thorough.

What does sell outright mean?

In an Outright Sale you receive cash or some combination of cash, notes and stock for your entire ownership interest. You may remain under contract for some period of time to ease the transition for the buyer but you retain no equity in your specific business.

Is outright an adjective?

OUTRIGHT (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What type of adjective is outright?

Unqualified and unreserved. “I demand an outright apology.” Total or complete.

How do you use downright?

Downright sentence example

  1. They can be downright cantankerous.
  2. The whole situation is downright bizarre.
  3. She sounded downright happy.
  4. Frankly, the idea of doubling their problems was downright frightening.
  5. Well, you’re downright skinny.
  6. And that’s not only incredibly selfish, it’s downright irresponsible.

What are the advantages of outright purchase?

Advantages of Outright Purchase Because the purchaser takes ownership of the vehicle the purchaser can profit from prudent management of the vehicle, such as achieving a better resale price than market value through proper vehicle care, maintenance and management over its life.