What Does a Tiger den leader do?

By making the commitment to serve as a den leader, you have accepted the following responsibilities: Plan, prepare for, and conduct den meetings with the assistant den leader and a different family each month. Attend the pack leaders’ meetings. Ensure Cub Scouts earn their badge of rank and continue in Cub Scouting.

How do you lead a Cub Scout meeting?

8 essential tips for controlling chaos at Cub Scout pack or den…

  1. Use the Den Code of Conduct chart.
  2. Once you make a rule, enforce it.
  3. Communicate behavior expectations to parents and den leaders.
  4. Use the Cub Scout sign.
  5. Plan some high-energy activities in the middle of your meeting.

What does a Cub Scout den leader do?

Lead the den in its participation at the monthly pack meetings. Work in harmony with the other den and pack leaders. Cooperate with the Cubmaster and pack committee in recruiting new boys. Help orient the den chief and guide him to work with the Cub Scouts.

What is a den meeting?

The Den Meeting is the most important part of Cub Scouting. It is where Cub Scouts build friendships, work together to learn new things, and progress towards earning their common badge of rank. Serving as a Den Leader is providing an opportunity to make a positive life long impact on your child and others in the den.

How do you start a Cubs meeting?

Opening ceremonies should help everyone in the Cub Pack bond….Flag Break

  1. Everyone stands around the flag in their Sixes.
  2. The person leading Flag Break calls ‘Pack!
  3. Everyone stands ‘alert’ with their feet together and their hands by their sides.
  4. The chosen Sixer comes forward and gently pulls the cord to unfurl the flag.

What part of the meeting should you do before the meeting Cub Scouts?

Opening. The opening is the official start of the den meeting. It usually consists of a formal ceremony, such as a flag ceremony, a prayer or song, or a group recital of the Cub Scout Promise.

Do den leaders wear uniforms?

Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader All Den Leader uniform have the following parts; 1. Shirt—The official tan uniform shirt is available with long or short sleeves and has button-flap pockets. Den leaders wear blue shoulder loops.

What do you call a Cub leader?

Traditionally the primary adult Scout Leader is called Skip, short for Skipper, but recently more often by their first name. Similarly, the primary Cub Scout Leader is called Akela, after the leader of the Wolf pack in The Jungle Book, although this is more common.

How long is a den meeting?

How long should a Webelos den meeting be? A. A well run Webelos meeting will last no longer than 1-1/4 hours.