How does Sula die?

Only beside this window does Sula believe she can give in to death. Just before dying, Sula remembers the word “Always” which Shadrack spoke to her the day Chicken drowned. Sula dies painlessly. When she stops breathing and her heart stops beating the first thing she thinks is to tell Nel that death does not hurt.

What happened to Sula?

Later, Chicken Little, a neighborhood boy, happens upon Sula and Nel when they are alone. Sula playfully swings him around by his hands, but he accidentally slips from her grip. He falls into the river and drowns. She runs to Shadrack for comfort, accidentally leaving the belt of her dress behind.

Why is the book called Sula?

By Toni Morrison And it turns out that her name has several meanings that are pretty appropriate for her character. Peace is, well peace. And “Sula” means “the sun,” which kind of makes sense since the earth orbits around the sun…just as so many people orbit around Sula in the novel.

How does Eva react when Sula returns?

Eva stares at Sula in more or less the same way she stared at BoyBoy the last time she saw him—with pure hatred. The “plague of robins” is another perceived omen, and shows how the people of the Bottom interpret a seemingly natural phenomenon to mean that Sula is evil or somehow bad luck.

Is Eva Sulas grandmother?

The elderly matriarch of the Peace family, Eva Peace is an impressive, capable, and fiercely devoted mother and grandmother. As a young woman, she marries BoyBoy, but after BoyBoy leaves her, she throws herself into the task of raising her three children, Plum, Pearl, and Hannah.

What do the Deweys represent in Sula?

The deweys, linked as they are to women’s willful self-harm, signal the personal damage—both physical and mental—that Eva, Hannah, and Sula endure in order to subvert their preassigned scripts. After the first appearance of the boys, fatal events begin to proliferate in the Peace family.

How did Sula react to the wedding?

Sula continues to be a good friend of Nel’s and is very excited about the wedding. She insists that she be the one and only bridesmaid and arranges most of the wedding details. During the wedding, the town realizes that the Deweys have not and will not grow to adult size.

Who does Sula kill?

For example, Sula and Eva both kill men (Sula kills Chicken Little; Eva kills Plum). The death of Chicken Little results in a closed casket funeral (64). Likewise, for Hannah, “the casket had to be kept closed at the funeral” (77). Chicken died by water, Hannah died by fire.

What is the gray ball in Sula?

The grey ball is a physical manifestation of Nel and Sula’s once close, but then estranged, relationship. It appears when Nel and Sula have their falling out, and breaks apart when Nel finally forgives Sula. The color of the ball, gray, represents the shades of gray that each woman is made up of.

Who is the narrator in Sula?

Sula is narrated in the past tense with an occasional present-tense paragraph narrated by Nel, one of the two main characters.

Why did Sula leave the bottom?

One possible reason that Sula leaves the Bottom immediately following the wedding is that she and Nel can no longer be the inseparable friends they once were. After all, Sula is unpredictable, and Nel has now acquiesced to society’s demand that women must marry, have children, and serve their men.

Who is Sula’s grandmother?


How did Eva lose her leg in Sula?

Over that time, she had mysteriously gained new wealth, but had also lost a leg. Her neighbors speculate that she deliberately placed her leg underneath a train in order to collect on an insurance claim. When, later, BoyBoy briefly visited, Eva received him without outward signs of animosity.

What is the purpose of Sula?

The major theme of Sula is good versus evil. The question of right versus wrong in the novel can be traced all the way back to the childhoods of Sula and Nel. As the two girls played with Chicken Little, a young child from the neighborhood, Sula was swinging him around by his hands.

Who is plum in Sula?

Eva’s son Plum is the love of her life. As the only male child of a woman who loves men, he enjoys a certain indulgence from Eva that we don’t see with her other kids. But war destroys him. He is barely recognizable when he gets home, and his mother and sisters quickly realize that he is a drug addict.