How do you put coins on FIFA mobile?

Here are some ways to help you to make coins in FIFA Mobile faster:

  1. Daily Login Rewards.
  2. Complete the Quests.
  3. Play VS Attack Matches.
  4. Play Daily Warm-up Games.
  5. Open Free Packs.
  6. Trade Items in the Market.
  7. Exchange FIFA Points for Coins.

How do you get free money on FIFA mobile?

The main way you earn coins is from the scene where you find items. Pay close attention to the total score at the end of the turn. In one stage, for every 10000 cents you get, you will get 1 coin. Therefore, in order to get as many coins as possible, you must get as many points as possible in each game.

Can you trade in FIFA mobile?

FIFA Mobile Exchange is a new feature in FIFA Mobile 22 which lets you to exchange players for better items such as Icon Players or FIFA Coins. Exchanged items and players are not refundable. Training level cannot be inherited when performing an exchange.

How do you get millions on FIFA mobile?

Make and Earn Coins Easy In FIFA Mobile 22 Ultimate Team

  1. Complete quests and objectives.
  2. Daily Login Rewards.
  3. Play the game mode VS Attack Matches.
  4. Play in the Daily Warm-up Games.
  5. Open Free Packs.
  6. Trade Items in the Market.

What does lock item mean in FIFA mobile?

What does lock player/item mean in FIFA Mobile? It means you can’t use it to train another players before you unlock it. Lock player is a safety feature so that users don’t accidentally lose a player.

Why can’t I sell players on FIFA mobile?

You just have to remove the player from the lineup and you should be able to sell him.

What if you can’t find your friend on FIFA mobile?

Re: Cant find my friend on fifa mobile Try different options such as give a space before writing is user name, try the first letter of theirs names with uppercase or maybe all of the user name with uppercase. Try different combinations maybe you get lucky.

Is FIFA Mobile pay to win?

It’s like most of the games a pay to win. You can still play without paying and enjoy all it’s features but it’s fun only for a while.

What happens if you lock a player in FIFA Mobile?