In the life of many people there are times that you need to justify in writing some point of view, to clarify their actions, to describe the impression of something, to say about yourself and so on, etc. And for this purpose, more and more suitable actually drafting essay. In presented publication, we’ll certainly talk what is essay and how to Topstitch. Now we will give a small note: the article is given in the form of certain information blocks, revealing some of the qualities of the essay.

What is an essay?

The essay is a small article written in a prosaic manner and also possessing a free composition, and also displaying own opinions, conclusions and impressions of the individual on this question. But initially the essay does not pretend to be perfect or basic in the case.

The main purpose of the essay

The idea of the essay is usually the development of creative thinking and the skill of written interpretation of existing thoughts. The very process of writing it is extremely beneficial, because it helps to train and improve the skill of formulating ideas, building the structure of data, the disclosure of cause-and-effect relationships, the design of the existing experience with all kinds of samples and evidence of conclusions.

Essay signs

  1. Small size

Generally, of course, any due to limits in volume essay no. But it is desirable to make an essay the size of three to seven pages of computer text. However, for example, in various institutions in Europe allowed to write an essay up to ten pages, and at Harvard business school essay generally create no more than two pages.

  1. Specification of the topic and the subjectivity of interpretation

Every essay has a specific theme. As a result, the essay, by definition, cannot analyze free objects, include a large number of ideas, and is obliged to display and develop only one idea or answer a single question.

  1. Free build

There should be no standardized boundaries at all in the essay. Often, almost all works in the direction of the essay are not built on the rules of logic, but are subject to some random connections and can also be built on the principle of “All polar”.

  1. The naturalness of the story

While working on the essay, the author should most likely keep a trustful manner of interaction with the reader, abandon difficult, overly rigid, unclear formulations. You should also consciously be positioning the subject, to possess the ability to portray it with many sides in order to provide the reader with a varied view of looking at the issue, which will become the basis of his alleged thinking.

  1. Exploitation of paradoxes

Very often the essay is intended to cause a person surprise. Various experts even consider such a condition essential. The primary point for a person’s thoughts can be any aphorism, phenomenon, colorful statement that can knock off two incompatible thoughts with each other, etc.

  1. Logical completeness

This is by the way one of the paradoxes of the essay: the essay, which stands out for its free composition and subjectivity of the narrative, simultaneously possesses an internal logical system. Rather, there must be coherence of key theses and statements of the Creator, coherence of connections and reasons and correspondence of thoughts.

  1. Orientation to everyday speech

Essay should be focused on clear to each person colloquial speech, but does not have to conceal the stereotypical words and phrases, frivolous meaning, slang or jargon. The story should be simple, but perceived quite profound.

Composition and outline of the essay

The structure of the essay is often characterized by two requirements: the author’s images can be transferred in the form of concise abstracts, and abstracts can be proved.

As grounds in this case it is possible to use any data, actions, events, points, skill, scientific evidence, expert judgment, etc. is Best to use two arguments for any thesis. Only two, because the only one may seem unreliable, and three or more – overload compressed and figurative presentation.