How do you measure a Micklem bridle?

To achieve this measure the distance from the bottom point of the protruding cheek bone on one side of the head, to the bottom point of the protruding cheek bone on the other side of the head, going over the nose.

How tight should a Micklem bridle be?

This should fit like a standard dropped noseband, underneath the bit and flush with the skin. This allows the horse freedom to open the mouth slightly. When the mouth opens, the bit will rise up, encouraging the mouth to close.

Can you compete in a Micklem bridle?

The Rambo® Micklem Multibridle and Competition Bridle are both legal to use in both National & International Affliated Competition WITHOUT the bit clips.

How do you convert micklem to bitless?

The Micklem Multibridle features a multipurpose design that allows it to be used as a traditional bridle, lunge cavesson, or as a bitless bridle. To convert to a bitless version, you can either attach the reins directly to the side rings or use the curb groove attachment included for a slightly stronger version.

Do anatomical bridles work?

Conclusion. Overall, anatomic bridles have been scientifically proven to benefit your horse. From avoiding sensitive pressure points and nerves to allowing better blood circulation. It’s hard to turn down the modern bridle especially when there are so many different options and styles.

Can you lunge in a Micklem bridle?

The bridle, as fitted above, can be used as a classical lunge cavesson (figure 7) by simply attaching a lunge line to the ring provided on the nose piece. When using side reins or running reins, which by their nature are relatively fixed, the tongue protection system using the clips is a huge advantage.

Are anatomical bridles worth it?

What is an anatomical bridle?

An Anatomical or ergonomic bridle is designed to avoid the horse’s sensitive facial nerves, follow the contours of the horse’s head and distribute an even pressure, in turn ensuring optimal focus and a better connection between horse and rider.

What size is a Micklem bridle for a horse?

Rambo® Micklem® Competition Bridle Measurement Small Horse Standard Horse Large Horse Pony Browband 15 ½ 15 ¾ 16 ¼ 14 ¼ Cheekpiece 7 ¾ 8 8 ½ 6 ½ Throatlatch – 1st Hole 16 ¼ 17 ¾ 19 ¾ 14 ¼ Throatlatch – Last Hole 13 13 ½ 14 ½ 11 ½

What is the Micklem competition bridle?

Based on the popular original design, the Micklem Competition Bridle* is intended for use in competition as a bitted bridle. It’s made from high-quality, hand-rubbed leather. Single crownpiece, browband and noseband are softly padded for horse comfort.

How do you adjust the bit on a Micklem bridle?

If you find that your straps are not meeting or the bridle is sitting too low on the horse’s nose then you may need to adjust the size of your bridle. Use the appropriate length bit straps or bit clips to join the bit to the side rings on the lower D’s on the side of your Micklem.

What is a Rambo® Micklem bridle?

The Rambo® Micklem Competition Bridle was designed for use in competition as a bitted bridle; softly padded crownpiece, browband and noseband have a show-ready look.