How do you get past Nar Shaddaa in Kotor 2?

Talk to the crew looking for their captain and tell them you found a pilot (Odin) to complete both their quests for LS points. Then talk to the Ithorian. Ask him about his problems again and tell him you’ll pay for passage off Nar Shaddaa if he helps the scammed woman and her family from the Refugee Sector.

Can you return to Nar Shaddaa?

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed with the large number of enemies in the area. After clearing out the exchange, you should be out of quests to perform on Nar Shaddaa. Your only option is to return to the Ebon Hawk. But don’t get too excited, this planet still has a few surprises to throw at you.

Where can I find Zherron?

In the southeast of the building there is a room containing a man named Zherron. You can choose to take a quest from him that involves killing the hoards of kinrath that infest the caves on the Khoonda plain. Walk to the east of the Khoonda building.

Where do I get lightsaber parts in Kotor 2?

There are a number of ways to get this. Early in the game the best way is to buy one. You’ll sometimes find them from the unscrupulous brother on Telos, the arms and equipment dealers in the Nar Shadaa main square, or the salvager on Dantooine.

How do I find my Pazaak Den password?

You have discovered the password to the pazaak den. You can probably get in now. 1. The password is “holdout”.

How do you beat TWI leks with Atton?

For the Twin Suns you will just have to cheese it. Run behind the bar and they can’t get you there. Then you just keep shooting them until they go down. You can’t loot their bodies at this point but do remember to go back to the bar later as there is some good loot.

Where is lunar shadow captain?

The Lunar Shadow captain, a Weequays, can be found standing at the table to the right in the back left corner of the Arid Room.

How do I start Khoonda defense?

Defense/Attack of Khoonda Place or remove mines around the perimeter of Khoonda, program the Turrets to attack enemies or Khoonda militia, activate the Droids and set them to attack friends or foes and lastly treat the injured soldiers so they can join in the battle.

How do I start Battle of Khoonda?

The only way to fight him is by telling Azkul on the Khoonda Plains to begin the assault or to have already fought him in the crystal cave.

What is the password to the Pazaak den?