How do I add a music player to my Tumblr?

Step6: Go to your Tumblr blog, click “Settings” icon on the upper-right side of the page, and then click “Edit theme” > “Custom Theme” > “Edit HTML” on the upper-left side of the page. Step7: “Press “Ctrl+F” to search for , paste the copied music player code before ”.

Does Tumblr still have music?

Tumblr allows you to add audio posts to your blog. Each audio post incorporates a visible music player. This allows your blog visitors to see what song is playing as well as control music playback.

How do I add SCM player to Tumblr?

Go back to your Tumblr dashboard page, right-click on a new line after the “” tag in your custom HTML and click “Paste” to insert the SCM Music Player code.

How do I add Billy music to my Tumblr?

Part 2: Add Billy Music Player to your Tumblr

  1. Go to Billy Music Player site.
  2. Paste the public MP3 URLs you copied from dropbox.
  3. You can add up to five urls. (
  4. Click generate code.
  5. copy the entire music player code.
  6. Paste it to the description section of your tumblr theme.
  7. Hit save and check to see if it works.

How do I post my own audio on Tumblr?

Tumblr allows you to search for tracks, use an external link or even upload your own audio posts.

  1. Click the “Audio” post button at the top of your Dashboard.
  2. Click “Choose File.” Locate and select the audio file you want to upload from your computer and click “Open.” Tumblr allows audio posts up to 10 megabytes.

How do I link my Spotify to Tumblr?

Within Spotify right click the playlist title and select copy HTTP link. Head over to Tumblr and paste the URL into the external URL box. You can include a description and tags. Now hit create post to embed a full playlist.

How do I upload music to Tumblr from my Iphone?

Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of Tumblr and select “Create New Post.” Tap the headphones icon to create an audio post. A new menu will appear, showing your options. Select the option that best suits your needs.

How do you add SoundCloud to Tumblr?

Embed Audio From SoundCloud or Spotify

  1. Sign in to your Tumblr account, and then click the “Audio” button — it looks like a purple headset — on the dashboard.
  2. Click the “Search” tab, and then enter a track name in the search box.
  3. Click the audio track that you want to embed, and then enter an optional description.

How do I embed Spotify?

Find your embed code in the Spotify desktop app:

  1. Go to the artist profile, album, song, playlist, or podcast you want to share and click the 3 dots next to it. Tip: You can also right-click it.
  2. Select Share.
  3. Select Embed.

How to add music to Tumblr blogs?

You need to insert the music title and song’s URL. SCM Music Player accepts MP3 link, SoundCloud track or YouTube address. Of course, you are also able to choose RSS Podcast/SoundCloud Sets, and then click “Next” option. Step4: Make the configure setting for playback and appearance on your Tumblr blog, then click “Done”.

How to listen to music on Tumblr using headset?

Step 1. Click on the headset icon on the dashboard. Step 2. Enter the name of the music, and Tumblr will search and display the results based on Spotify and Soundcloud library. Step 3.

What is the best music player for Tumblr?

ThemesLtd Music Player, a small music player for Tumblr, provides clear interface which allows users to choose your favorite skin according to various classifications, such as cartoon, cute, black and white, etc. How to Customize and Add Music Player to Tumblr How to Add Music to Your Tumblr

How to publish music from Spotify to Tumblr?

Step 1. Click on the headset icon on the dashboard. Step 2. Enter the name of the music, and Tumblr will search and display the results based on Spotify and Soundcloud library. Step 3. Select the track you want to publish, Tumblr will automatically embed Spotify or Soundcloud player. Step 4.