How big is a New Yorker pizza Pizza Hut?

Years ago, Pizza Hut had a new pizza they introduced called The Big New Yorker, which was a 16″ pizza that has been discontinued for years. We, the fans, would like to see Pizza Hut bring this pizza back to their stores.

How big is a New Yorker pizza?

Huge 16″ pie cut into 8 extra-large slices. Authentic soft and foldable New York style dough topped with pepperoni, ground beef & Italian sausage.

How many slices are in a large New Yorker pizza from Pizza Hut?

eight foldable
The Big New Yorker was cut into eight foldable slices and was priced starting at $9.99 for one topping. The Big New Yorker Pizza was the largest new product introduction in Pizza Hut history and was backed by an $80 million advertising and marketing campaign created by BBDO Worldwide.

What is the largest size pizza at Pizza Hut?

Our new Regular base is 7.5 inches, our large is 10.75 inches and our Extra Large is an impressive 14 inches.

Does Pizza Hut have a New York style pizza?

The restaurant will have pizza-by-the-slice cut from 18-inch New York-style pizzas with slices starting at $2.50. The selection will include traditional options like pepperoni and cheese as well as new creations like cheesy margherita, buffalo chicken and meatball carbonara.

What is dominos largest pizza?

Domino’s pizza restaurants make it happen with the X-large Brooklyn Style pizza. This whopping 16-inch pizza feeds approximately five to six of your most enthusiastic eaters. Just as its name implies, X-large Brooklyn Style pizza is made in the tradition of Brooklyn pizzerias.

What is on a New Yorker pizza?

New York-style pizza has slices that are large and wide with a thin crust that is foldable yet crispy. It is traditionally topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, with any extra toppings placed on top of the cheese. Pizza without additional toppings is called “plain,” “regular,” or “cheese.”

Why do New Yorkers fold their pizza?

Fold. “New York slices are typically large,” Weiner says. “They’re bigger than the plate on which they’re served.” That’s why you have to fold them. “If you don’t give any architecture to your crust,” he explains, “you get the flop.”

How many slices are in a large pizza from Pizza Hut?

12 slices
Pizza Hut’s small 8” personal pizza has four to six slices, serves one or two, and costs $9.99. The 12” pizza goes for $12.49, has six to eight slices, and serves two to four people. Then, the large 14” goes for $15.49-$18.49 and has 12 slices enough to feed 4-6 people.

How many slices is regular Pizza Hut?

The normal size of a pizza would be about 12 inches with 8 slices. This pizza is sufficient to feed two to four people.

What size is a large pizza?

Large pizzas are 14 inches in diameter and will offer approximately 10 slices. Extra-large pizzas come in between 16 and 18 inches in diameter and will provide at least 12 slices.