Does Reply 1988 have a special episode?

All three seasons, Reply 1997, Reply 1994, and Reply 1988 have fifty-seven episodes, also it has three special episodes. The whole show was both critically and commercially successful.

Who is taek in Reply 1988?

Park Bo-gum
Choi Taek, played by Park Bo-gum, was loosely based on the real-life Go player, Lee Chang-ho. Unlike the previous Reply series, 1988 focused more on filial bond than romance between characters with director Shin saying that most of the story was about family, and only a small fraction was about Duk-seon’s love.

Did Reply 1988 win any awards?

Baeksang Arts Award for Best TV Director
Baeksang Arts Award for Best New Actor in TV
Reply 1988/Awards

How long does it take to finish Reply 1988?

90–110 minutes
It aired every Friday and Saturday from November 6, 2015, to January 16, 2016, on tvN for 20 episodes. Reply 1988 is the third installment of tvN’s Reply series….

Reply 1988
Running time 90–110 minutes
Production company CJ E&M
Original network tvN

Who does Sung Deok Sun marry?

Who is Sung Deok Sun’s husband in Reply 1988? After nineteen feature-length episodes, Sung Deok-sun’s husband was revealed to be Choi Taek, the shy and timid professional Go game player.

How old is Byun Jin sub?

Byun Jin-sub ( Korean : 변진섭; born May 19, 1966) is a South Korean singer. ^ Yang, Seung-joon (December 23, 2015). “1988년 덕선이 형광펜 칠한 남자, 변진섭”. Hankook Ilbo.

Who is Jin joo from’Reply 1988′?

This Is What Jin Joo From ‘Reply 1988’ Looks Like Now! Lee Chang Ho is a professional Baduk player known in South Korea for his exemplary skills. At the age of 16, he became the youngest winner of an international Baduk tournament. He is dubbed as one of the greatest Baduk players of all time—sounds a lot like Choi Taek, right?!

Did Duk Sun choose Choi Taek in ‘ Reply 1988’?

It’s been a couple of weeks since the hit tvN drama “ Reply 1988 ” ended. Depending on who you rooted for, you were either on cloud nine or in the depths of despair when the series wrapped up. If you rooted for Choi Taek (played by Park Bo Gum ), Duk Sun’s choice was destiny.

Who are the actors in the 1988 Korean series Reply 1988?

Reply 1988 (Korean: 응답하라 1988; RR: Eungdaphara 1988) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Hye-ri, Park Bo-gum, Go Kyung-pyo, Ryu Jun-yeol and Lee Dong-hwi. Set in the year 1988, it revolves around five friends and their families living in the same neighborhood of Ssangmun-dong, Dobong District, Northern Seoul.