Where can I find Navpers forms?

Navy Personnel Command Forms. Provides an on-line reference library of Navy personnel command forms (NAVPERS and NAVPERSCOM). On the BUPERS/NAVPERSCOM official forms web page, you will find links to many federal government and Navy related forms used today including DD-214 and military personnel record requests.

How do I file a 1306 Navy?

Select “ePAR/1306” on the left side of the page which will take you to the ePAR selection page. The ePAR selection page presents the most common ePAR requests. Select “CONTINUE” for the ePAR request you need. Your selected ePAR request form will appear on the screen with pre- populated information.

What is Navy Obliserv?

obligated service
The Navy Personnel Command (NPC) recently released guidance to the fleet on obligated service (OBLISERV) requirements. NPC policy states Sailors must obtain the required OBLISERV within 30 days of receipt of orders and prior to executing permanent change of station (PCS) orders.

Where can I find Navpers 1070 602?

(2) The Service member and customer command will have access to the most recent approved NAVPERS 1070/602 “DA” in NSIPS via “RED/DA Inquire” link.

What is a Navy Page 2?

The Dependency Data (NSIPS), commonly known as the Page 2, is used for both officer and enlisted personnel. It serves as an application for dependency allowance and as an up-to-date record of emergency data for casualty reporting and notification of next-of- kin.

How do I find out what special programs the Navy offers?

Most enlisted special programs will have a MILPERSMAN detailing that program. If not, it will have program information on MyNavy HR. The first point of contact should be your detailer. NAVPERS 1306/7 will have to be submitted to request a program.

How do I apply for NAVPERS 1306/92?

The first point of contact should be your detailer. NAVPERS 1306/7 will have to be submitted to request a program. You will then be screened which requires that you submit NAVPERS 1306/92. These are special programs for enlisted personnel that are listed numerically by MILPERSMAN.

Are there any special programs for enlisted sailors?

There may be a special program for you – no really. Sometimes enlisted Sailors want a change of pace away from their rate and volunteer for special duties or programs. In some situations enlisted personnel can earn an NEC and others, end up in harms way.

What is form NAVPERS 5350/3?

NAVPERS 5350/3 (Revised 08-09) FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY PAGE 2 OF 10 PRIVACY SENSITIVE 1. Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor Administrative Screening Form NAVPERS 5350/3 (4/00) Information provided below will assist the DAPA, commanding officer, and medical