Can you synchro with mind control?

If you take control of your opponent’s monster with “Mind Control”, you can use it as a Synchro Material Monster for a Synchro Summon.

How do I get rid of brainwash?

How to undo brainwashing

  1. Isolate them from their cult.
  2. Present yourself as an ingroup.
  3. Poke holes into their beliefs.
  4. Show them how they’ve been brainwashed.
  5. Show them the MO of other brainwashers.
  6. Restore their previous identity.
  7. Update their identity.

Can you use mind control to XYZ summon?

The monster whose control have been switched can be used as Fusion, Synchro, Xyz or Link Material, or as cost for effects of monsters like “Cyber Valley”, “Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier”, “Mist Valley Falcon”, etc.

Can you take control of a face down monster?

Control (Japanese: コントロール kontorōru) refers to the side of the field a card is on. The card’s controller is distinct from its owner. Only a card’s controller can look at it while it is face-down. Unless otherwise specified, players can only use monsters they control as Tributes, Synchro Materials or Xyz Materials.

When was brain control released?


Release Number Set
2009-07-07 DPYG-EN024 Duelist Pack: Yugi
2012-09-29 LCYW-EN074 Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World Mega Pack
2015-11-12 YGLD-ENA26 Yugi’s Legendary Decks
2017-03-30 DUSA-EN046 Duelist Saga

Can you take control of a face-down monster?

Can you brain control extra deck monsters?

Brain Control is a Normal Spell Card that costs 800 Life Points to target an opponent’s face-up monster that could be Normal Summoned or Set for a good old fashioned side switch until the End Phase. Since you can’t target Extra Deck Monsters or a bunch of boss monsters, this card becomes mostly useless.

What does brainwashing do to a person?

Brainwashing is said to reduce its subjects’ ability to think critically or independently, to allow the introduction of new, unwanted thoughts and ideas into their minds, as well as to change their attitudes, values and beliefs.

Do cards in your hand count as cards you control?

No, you do not control cards in your hand. You control cards in your cop play area.

Does flipping a monster face-down negate its effect?

Assault Revival: When an “/Assault Mode” monster is Special Summoned by “Assault Revival”, if it is flipped face-down by “Book of Moon” etc, the effect of “Assault Revival” is no longer applied. The monster does not have its effects negated, can be Tributed, and is not removed from play when it leaves the field.