How much does it cost to process a deer in Indiana?

between $100 to $150
The cost to process a deer is usually between $100 to $150, though they sometimes give the groups a deal for around $75. The groups will get funds from donations in their communities, but they also can apply for grants from the DNR’s Sportsmen Benevolence Fund. Those grants help pay the processors to cover their costs.

How much meat do you get from a butchered deer?

The average deer weighed 107.56 pounds field dressed and yielded 52.19 pounds of venison, or a 48.52% meat yield. Below are the average yields for one deer according to Antlered (bucks), Antlerless (does and button bucks), and Combined (bucks, does, and button bucks). Several factors determine venison yield.

How long do you have to get deer to processor?

On average, five to seven days is the ideal length of time to let the meat age. An aging process of five to seven days will allow the meat time to cool, move past rigor mortis, and let collagen begin to break down. This will result in meat that is both tender and flavorful.

Should you tip your deer processor?

Be sure to tip your skinners and processors whenever you can. Yes, this sounds shallow and capitalist, but you will be surprised at the result. Many of these guys and gals are doing this as a side job because they could use the extra money, and a small token of appreciation goes a long way.

How should I get my deer processed?

This is today’s most straightforward and popular way to process a deer: skin the carcass, remove all of the meat from the bones, and cut it into roasts, steaks, chops and trim for ground meat. This makes for great eating, but perhaps you will want to reserve some of the meat for the processed products that follow.

How much meat do you get from a 100 lb deer?

Deer typically yield about a maximum of about 40% meat once skin, bones, and guts are removed. So – 100 pound doe should yield 40 pounds of meat. This will vary depending on amount of fat, stomach content, etc.