Will there be more content for Ruined King?

Although the developers haven’t revealed any plans regarding future DLC packs for Ruined King, it is highly expected that there will be more in the future. The game explores deep into the lore of Runeterra, and the developers could very well choose to introduce new branches to the story using DLC.

Is Ruined King worth it?

The Verdict Ruined King: A League Of Legends Story is a passionate love letter to the League Of Legends universe, but that shouldn’t put off anyone looking to explore Runeterra for the first time. Full of compelling characters and a stunning environment, Ruined King is well worth the dive for any RPG fan.

How many hours is Ruined King?

Completing the main storyline of the game Ruined King: A League of Legends Story takes an average of 20 to 25 hours.

Is the Ruined King going to be free?

It costs $30 and it’s backward compatible on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. A version of the game is in the works for those consoles and there’ll be a free upgrade available from the previous-gen systems.

Is Arcane a cannon?

Arcane: is it canon and part of League of Legends? Put simply, yes: Arcane is canon, and slots nicely into League of Legends’ story. However, it’s detached enough to orientate new viewers, without leaving them confused. Yes, Arcane is very closely linked to wider League of Legends lore.

Is arcane a cannon?

Is Ruined King replayable?

It’s better not to expect it at all despite the franchise’s MOBA origins. On the other hand, in terms of replayability, Ruined King doesn’t seem to offer too much. You can’t play any runs that don’t feature the story. Moreover, you can’t restart the game with all the perks you’ve previously gained.

Is ruined King multiplayer?

Ruined King is a single-player turn-based RPG, a departure from Riot Games’ focus on free-to-play multiplayer games. Riot employed developer Airship Syndicate for this project, who previously developed Darksiders Genesis.

Is the ruined king game complete?

So it can be said that the Ruined King: A League of Legends story is a fairly long game to complete. This calculation considers a number of factors such as player deaths, quest difficulty, time taken to solve puzzles, and more.