Why was Eko killed off Lost?

In Yoruba, Eko is symbolic of home, thus his name, Mr. Eko, resonates only with Nigerians who understand its true meaning. Adapts to life as a priest when he stays in disguise. Eko was killed by the Monster because he failed to atone for or admit to his past sins.

What happened to Eko in Lost?

Eko seemed poised for a long storyline as Lost progressed, but to the shock of many, was killed off early in season 3, in an episode titled “The Cost of Living.” Eko was essentially beaten to death by Lost’s infamous smoke monster, eventually dying in the arms of John Locke (Terry O’Quinn).

Who killed Eko in Lost?

the Monster
Eko was killed by the Monster, as were three of the witnesses (albeit indirectly). Nikki was bitten by a Medusa spider, a confirmed form of the Monster, which indirectly resulted in both her death and Paulo’s. Sayid was killed by the bomb planted on the submarine by the Man in Black.

What’s the black smoke on Lost?

The most recurring form of the Man in Black is that of a black cloud, described as looking like smoke. Known as “the Monster,” initially unseen, it made its presence felt to the Oceanic 815 survivors on their first night on the island. It has violently killed many characters and spared others.

Is Locke the smoke monster?

Outside the chamber, survivors from Flight 316 arrive at the campsite, where they present Richard Alpert with a box containing Locke’s body, which was found in the plane’s cargo hold. It is then revealed that Locke is in fact dead and the Smoke Monster has been impersonating him since his return to the island.

Why did Michael shoot Ana Lucia?

When he returned, he shot Ana Lucia and Libby in order to release Benjamin Linus from captivity, and caused the capture of Jack, Sawyer, and Kate, meeting his end of the deal he had made with the Others in return for Walt.

Who is Eko Tiger?

A Southwest Florida community is doing what it can to honor Eko, an 8-year-old Malayan tiger shot and killed at the Naples Zoo in December. The Lake Park Community wants to honor Eko by renaming a lake in his honor. The tiger was killed by a Collier County deputy who…

How does Desmond get off the Island?

Desmond was not a passenger of Flight 815. He had been stranded on the island three years prior to the crash as the result of a shipwreck. Desmond eventually leaves the Island with the Oceanic 6 and is reunited with his love Penny Widmore (Sonya Walger).