Why is the golden one named Gaea?

Gaea, whose name Equality 7-2521 gives to the Golden One, was the Greek mother earth, who gave birth to the other gods and goddesses as well as to the sky and the sea. He chooses this name for her because she will, in his belief, give birth to a race of gods to rule the earth.

Who does equality have a crush on?

By Ayn Rand. We learn that Equality 7-2521’s got a crush on a girl. Her name is Liberty 5-3000, and he tells us he can’t think of anybody else.

What are the three holy words in Anthem?

His eyes’ seeing makes the earth beautiful, and his ears’ hearing makes the earth sing. His mind’s searching gives the earth truth. His will is the only command he respects or should respect. In his new view, the only three holy words are “I will it!”

What is the great truth in Anthem?

The Great Truth: the belief that human beings are not individuals but mere fragments of a whole. Individuality is UNREAL! The Unmentionable Times: the days in the past when humans still possessed individual rights and political freedom. These days are considered evil.

Why does equality call liberty the golden one?

A former farm worker whose infatuation with Equality 7-2521 prompts her to follow him into exile. “The Golden One” is the name she allows him to call her instead of her given name, Liberty 5-3000.

Who is Liberty 5 3000 why is she important to equality?

Liberty 5-3000 (or The Golden One, as so named by Equality) is a perfect match for Equality 7-2521. She, too, has a mind of her own that refuses to blindly follow the authorities. She is more than a beautiful young woman; she is a woman whose inner beauty is externally recognizable.

What is equality 7-2521’s nickname for crush?

Lesson Summary She has named him the Unconquered in her mind. Equality 7-2521 calls her ”Our dearest one,” and she asks him to say it again.

What does Liberty 5-3000 look like?

Liberty 5-3000 is a woman with a straight body, thin as a blade of iron, dark colored eyes, hard eyes, glowing eyes, and golden hair that flew in the wind. She works with the soil and is cocky and fearless.

What is the only crime punishable by death in Anthem?

Speaking the Unspeakable Word is the only crime punishable by death. He recalls seeing the Transgressor of the Unspeakable Word burned alive in the town square for speaking the Unspeakable Word, and he remembers that there was no pain in his face, only joy.

What are the symbols in Anthem?

In Anthem, the most powerful symbols are fire and light, The Uncharted Forest, and the hero’s secret tunnel.

Why does equality laugh when he remembers the damned?

Equality 7-2521 has walked through the forest all day when he suddenly remembers that he is exiled from society, or, in his words, “Damned.” He laughs because he does not care that he is damned. It is the only time he thinks of what he has left behind.

Why is equality interested in his own image?

Discuss why Equality is so interested in seeing his own image at this point in the novel and discuss the emotion he is feeling. He suddenly feels like (and enjoys) being an individual who is different from everyone else. He is feeling personal pride. He has learned so much that he feels older and wiser.

What is the golden one’s nickname for equality?

Though her name is originally Liberty 5-3000, she allows Equality 7-2521 to rename her the Golden One and, later, Gaea.

What is Equality’s curse?

Equality’s curse is that he learns faster than his brothers. He thinks the forbidden thoughts and wishes for forbidden things (page 18). Home of the Street Sweepers: Equality goes here after receiving his life mandate. It’s a home where the street sweepers live.

What is the main theme of Atlas Shrugged?

The theme of Atlas Shrugged, according to Ayn Rand, “is the role of the mind in man’s existence.” It is the mind, the story shows, that is the root of all human knowledge and values — and its absence is the root of all evil.

What is Ayn Rand’s philosophy in Anthem?

Collectivism, in Ayn Rand’s view, is the belief that the individual should be subjugated to the group and sacrificed for the common good. Anthem depicts the evils to which collectivism leads when implemented consistently. In Anthem’s totalitarian society every aspect of life is dictated by the state.

How is equality different from his brothers?

How is equality 7-2521 different from his brothers? Why might this be bad? He was different because he was smarter than the others, but he had to pretend to be dumb. He is also taller than everyone else in his society, and he shows preference.

What does the golden one symbolize in Anthem?

The Golden One A beautiful peasant with whom Equality 7-2521 falls madly in love. The Golden One demonstrates her subservience to Equality 7-2521 by allowing him to change her name from Liberty 5-3000 to the Golden One, and later, Gaea. The Golden One is proud and vain, strong and bitter.

What does electricity symbolize in Anthem?

Let us bring new light to men!” Equality 7-2521’s electric light symbolizes not only external knowledge (such as the Science of Things) but also internal self-knowledge (the “spark” inside). Equality 7-2521’s goal becomes helping people discover their individual self beyond the collective, as he has done.

What does the golden one call equality?

The Golden One asks Equality 7-2521 to speak the words “dearest one” again. Equality 7-2521 knows that “never have men” said these words to women, for preferring one over another is forbidden in their world.

What is the forbidden word in Anthem?

When Equality 7-2521 was ten years old, he watched the Transgressor being burned at the stake for speaking the Unspeakable Word: the anti-collectivist word “I.” Equality 7-2521 remembers this man’s saintly courage and composure, and recognizes him as a hero once he, too, discovers the power of the word “I.”

Why is equality named unconquered?

Equality has evolved from his very status-quo name. His old society had attempted to beat Equality into being submissive to expectations. Instead, Equality becomes subversive to their expectations. Equality finds the forest and rises above everything, he becomes “unconquered”.

What is the theme of The Fountainhead?

The theme, as Ayn Rand states it, is individualism versus collectivism, not in politics but in men’s souls. The book is about the conflict between those who think for themselves and those who allow others to dominate their lives. According to Ayn Rand, the goal of her writing is the presentation of an ideal man.

What is the message of Anthem?

The main theme behind Rand’s Anthem is the importance of self-discovery and self-awareness. Rand, like many in the twentieth century, was concerned with the loss of self if people were to give up personal rights that include the word “I”.

What emotion is equality feeling at the beginning of Chapter 5?

Personal pride

What color is most frequently used to describe Liberty 5-3000?

Light. Light represents truth in Anthem. Thus, Liberty 5-3000 becomes the Golden One, and Equality 7-2521 becomes Prometheus, the bringer of light. Equality 7-2521’s contribution to the world is his invention of the lightbulb, and the house he and the Golden One find in the forest has windows to let in the light.

Why does Liberty Call equality the unconquered?

The Unconquered the secret name that the Golden One has given to Equality 7-2521 in the privacy of her own mind. She loves him because his straightness of spine and pride of bearing show that his soul has not been conquered by the state.

What does the tunnel symbolize in Anthem?

The tunnel gives him the opportunity to be himself and go about studying and writing things; things that he is forbidden to do. Therefore, the tunnel represents his defiance of the law because it is where most of his law defying acts take place.

What sins did Equality 7-2521 commit?

Throughout the beginning of the novella, Equality 7-2521 most frequently committed the Transgression of Preference, the transgression of preferring one object over the other. We often find that Equality cannot do what the society desires; he cannot love all objects and all others equally.

Why is equality 7-2521 called the unconquered?

Why is it appropriate? Equality 7-2521 changes his name to The Unconquered. This is appropriate because he is disregarding some of the rulers created by the government and still hasn’t faced any type of punishments.