Why is Edenderry called Edenderry?

Like so many Irish towns, Edenderry (from the Irish Éadan Doire meaning ‘hill-brow of the oak wood’) in County Offaly is effectively one long narrow street that dribbles away to an unsatisfactory conclusion at either end.

Is Edenderry in dublin?

There are many castles in the area, for Edenderry was located on the edge of the Pale, the medieval English enclave centred on Dublin (39 miles [63 km] east). The main industry is shoemaking. Pop. (2002) 4,216; (2010) 6,490.

Is Edenderry a town?

Edenderry (/ˌiːdənˈdɛri/; Irish: Éadan Doire, meaning ‘hill-brow of the oak wood’) is a town in east County Offaly, Ireland. It is near the borders with Counties Kildare, Meath and Westmeath. The Grand Canal runs along the south of Edenderry, through the Bog of Allen, and there is a short spur to the town centre.

Where is edenderry Northern Ireland?

County Down
Edenderry (from Irish: Éadan Doire, meaning ‘hill-brow of the oak-grove’) is a small village and townland in County Down, Northern Ireland. It lies on the bank of the River Lagan near the southern edge of Belfast.

How much is the bus from Clane to Dublin?

The cheapest way to get from Clane to Dublin is to line 120 bus which costs €3 – €5 and takes 45 min. What is the fastest way to get from Clane to Dublin? The quickest way to get from Clane to Dublin is to taxi which costs €60 – €75 and takes 33 min.

What age is free travel in Ireland?

aged 66 and over
The Free Travel Scheme allows you to travel, free of charge, on public transport and some private bus and ferry services. Everyone aged 66 and over, living permanently in Ireland, can get the Free Travel Scheme. People with disabilities and carers aged under 66 may also qualify for Free Travel.

What is the roughest county in Ireland?

Dublin, home to many bars and tourist attractions, is considered the most dangerous city in Ireland because it has the highest rates of robberies, theft, drug crimes, and fraud offences.