Why is communication an art?

The art of communication allows us to share emotionally, and interact socially, giving communication a wide range of creative uses as an art form. Communication is, first and foremost, an interaction between or among human beings.

Are artists born or made?

Artists are both born and taught, says Nancy Locke, associate professor of art history at Penn State. “There is no question in my mind that artists are born,” says Locke. Many artists arrive in the world brimming with passion and natural creativity and become artists after trying other vocations.

What is a true art?

True art – “First of all, true art means producing art that is formed by its context and traditions. Good art shows an awareness of artistic traditions. There is always an element of inter-textuality in art – the appropriation and re-appropriation of other artistic artifacts and techniques.

What are the 7 sources of inspiration for artists?

Four Sources of Inspiration for Creating ArtOrdinary Experience. Most of children’s spontaneous drawing fall in this category, often including some aspects of #3 below.Natural and Constructed Environment. Observational work fall’s in this category.Inner Feelings and Imagination. Quest for Order.