Why I chose accounting as my major?

I decided to major in accounting because of my logical thinking: I am going to college because I want to have a job, companies will always need people to handle their finances and will pay good money for someone to do so, so I am pursuing a major in a field that is in high demand and will most likely be in high demand …

Why do you want to study accounting?

Studying for an accounting and finance degree provides excellent graduate prospects and opportunities to work in some of the most prestigious companies and accountancy practices. Studying finance helps you train and prepare for a business career and develops business awareness.

Why is accounting such a popular major and career of choice?

Unlike other careers where you get stuck in the same position for years, accounting gives you the opportunity to advance up the career ladder quickly. Besides advancing up the career ladder, accounting is one of the careers that gives you a whole range of options depending on what sparks your interest.

Why do you like accounting?

They know what they’re doing. They’re respected because they get to see the big picture, and they have the knowledge and experience needed to make sense of it. Accountants are known for being organized, logical and rational. We expect them to make sound decisions in the best interests of those they’re working for.

Which is harder accounting or nursing?

Really depends what your working for. Accounting will be a lot more lush, easier physical work, more money etc. Nursing from what i hear a lot harder physically, might sometimes be complex mental work, but not sure about this.

What country has the most nurses?

In 2015, the number of nurses per capita was highest in Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland, with more than 14 nurses per 1 000 population. The number of nurses per capita in OECD countries was lowest in Turkey, Chile and Mexico (with less than 3 per 1 000 population).

What is the hardest accounting course?

Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting II – this is the most dreaded subject of accounting students. Cost Accounting and Cost Management – this course is designed to orient the students to the cost accounting and cost management framework of business.

Do accountants work a lot?

Most accountants work at least 40 hours a week. Overtime isn’t uncommon, especially for public accountants who help individuals with their income tax returns. During the annual tax season, public accountants may work between 60 and 80 hours per week.

Is accounting a dying profession?

Accounting is not dying, but the time is upon us to embrace new ways of doing things and pay attention to the changes that are reshaping the world around us. Find ways to embrace machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud solutions and a great customer experience.