Why does Ezinma cry when Chielo calls her my daughter?

Why does Ezinma cry when Chielo calls her “my daughter”? Ezinma cries because Chielo’s voice is different and everything seems strange. What is the name of the clan, and what villages are part of the clan? The name of the clan is Umuofia.

Is Okonkwo’s Chi good or bad?

Significance of the Chi Okonkwo at various times blames his chi for bad luck, but at other times he claims personal credit for his good luck. When Okonkwo commits suicide at the end of Things Fall Apart, his bad chi could be faulted.

What did Okonkwo often say about Ezinma?

Who was Okonkwo’s favorite child, and what did he often say about the child? His favorite child was Ezinma, daughter of Ekwefi (second wife). He often said it was a shame she wasn’t a boy. He beat his second wife, Ekwefi, then fired his gun at her.

What caused Okonkwo to kill himself?

Okonkwo’s death comes because he realizes that he has failed both the people and their goddess, Ani. Though he has the spirit to endure misfortunes such as the loss of his yams during the drought that hit Umuofia, the traumas of exile, and the humiliation of imprisonment, he does so with others.

How did Okonkwo kill Ezeudu’s sixteen year old boy?

The men beat drums and fire their guns. Okonkwo’s gun accidentally goes off and kills Ezeudu’s sixteen-year-old son. Killing a clansman is a crime against the earth goddess, so Okonkwo must atone by taking his family into exile for seven years.

What does Obierika tell Okonkwo about the village of Abame who killed a strange white man and tied his iron horse to a tree?

Obierika tells of how a white man visited Abame during the last planting season. Their Oracle said that the strange man would destroy their clan, so the Abame killed the white man and tied his iron horse, or bicycle, to a tree. Uchendu bursts out that they should not have killed the first white man in Abame.

How does Okonkwo initially react when an elder attempts to kill ikemefuna?

How does Okonkwo react to Ikemefuna’s death? He feels guilty for killing him. He wants to work but can’t cause it’s the down season, but he doesn’t eat either. He visits Obierika.

Who killed ikemefuna?


How does Obierika react to Okonkwo’s death?

Obierika displays an uncharacteristic flash of temper and lashes out at the commissioner, blaming him for Okonkwo’s death and praising his friend’s greatness. The commissioner decides to honor the group’s request, but he leaves and orders his messengers to do the work.

Did ikemefuna know he was going to be killed?

Do you think that ikemefuna suspects that he is going to be killed? Why or why not? Answer: no he doesn’t suspect that he is gonna be killed because he trusts Okonkwo and looks up to him as a father. Support:” although he felt uneasy at first he was not afraid now.

How does Ekwefi know they have reached the ring of hills?

As soon as Chielo steps into this ring, her voice doubles in strength and is thrown back on all sides. How does Ekwefi know they have reached the ring of hills? The people of Umuike make a powerful medicine. It takes the form of an old woman who beckons the neighboring clans to the market.

Why do Okonkwo’s enemies call him the Little Bird Nza?

Okonkwo’s enemies called him the little bird nza because nza forgot who he was after a heavy meal and challenged his chi. Likewise, Okonkwo challenged the gods by violating the Peace of Ani.

Why did Okonkwo flee from his village after the tragedy?

Why did Okonkwo flee from his village after the tragedy? Because he was scared the fate of his friend’s son would soon happen to him.

Why did okagbue mutilate the dead child?

A medicine man mutilated the dead body of Ekwefi’s third child to discourage the ogbanje’s return. A year before the start of the novel, when Ezinma was nine, a medicine man named Okagbue Uyanwa found her iyi-uwa, the small, buried pebble that is the ogbanje’s physical link to the spirit world.

Why did nwoye leave his father’s hut when his father fell asleep?

Why did Nwoye leave his father’s hut when his father fell asleep? Nwoye left as he had become even more scared of his own father. The reason for this fear is that Okonkwo killed Ikemefuna, who he saw as a son, so what was to stop him from possibly killing Nwoye as well.

What does Obierika ask Okonkwo to do for him?

After their meal together, Obierika gives Okonkwo the money that he received for selling some of Okonkwo’s yams and seed-yams. He promises to continue giving Okonkwo the profits until he returns to Umuofia — or until “green men [come] to our clan and shoot us.”